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Show Of Hands August 22nd, 2012 12:00am

Do you have a Bachelor's degree or higher?

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08/22/12 9:34 pm

Someone has to change the culture in American politics.

08/22/12 9:33 pm

Kansas State University
Class of 2016
EMAW (Every Man A Wildcat
Political Science

RJ1969 SoCal
08/22/12 9:30 pm

Icegoal, how are you planning to pay for college and especially medical school?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/22/12 9:28 pm

is it just me, or is this map suspect?

Look at the income filter. That says it all.

kelzi NYC
08/22/12 9:22 pm

Not yet... By May 2013 in Psychology i will have a Bachelors... then off to grad school to study Counseling Psychology!

08/22/12 8:59 pm

For the record I'm in high school and am planning to go to medical school - so ill say yes in 9 years- and have my taxes raised for saving/ fixing all of your medical problems that you'll be ungrateful for and hate me. That is if you ever reach me in time with obamacare.

08/22/12 8:38 pm

Vote for Romney!

StaffSgtKip Florida
08/22/12 7:57 pm

Nothing yet but once out of high school and the USAF I'm going to get a doctorate in comms, war history, and US history

08/22/12 7:51 pm

I have an Associates in business studies.
Husband has a bachelor in music going for his master in music theory/composition.

08/22/12 7:37 pm

Masters in Aerospace Engineering, suck it! :)

flgirl Arkansas
08/22/12 7:32 pm

Working on my Master's in Teaching right now :) Only 3 more years (+1 year of grad school).

redebbm 91709
08/22/12 7:02 pm

In progress. One more year then I hit the pavement for a career *crosses fingers*

yoodle Texas
08/22/12 6:51 pm

One more year!! Thank God for Pell Grants Obama 2012

Comet? Tennessee
08/22/12 6:43 pm

Democrats need more education so we will have more republicans.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/22/12 6:41 pm

Associates in human services.
Husband masters in education.

08/22/12 6:40 pm

Got my BS in May, and started a new job this week...

Nerdz Texas
08/22/12 6:34 pm

Not yet but I plan to eventually get my PhD

08/22/12 6:31 pm

Nope I'm a manager at mc d

JDoe Its a gift
08/22/12 5:45 pm

A college degree opens up so many more opportunities. Even if it's not in a high demand field, there are some doors that are closed to someone without the diploma. Guys like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are exceptions.

08/22/12 5:44 pm

@philliessuck--I finished my bachelor's at 20 and know several others who did the same. Gave me a great head start; I recommend the fast track if you can make it work.

applestar Florida
08/22/12 5:12 pm

I graduated with my Bachelors just after turning 21. It's very possible if you work hard. I'm now 29 and so thankful I was diligent about finishing college early so I could go to grad school and enter the real world when most others are still in school playing around!

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
08/22/12 5:11 pm

Check out that income filter. Stay in school kiddies.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
08/22/12 4:31 pm

It's not at all impossible to get your bachelor's by 20 if you work hard in high school and take college courses. You could take summer semesters starting before you even graduate high school. It's very possible to do if you're highly motivated. I wish I had known all that at 18.

dbrat East Coast
08/22/12 3:56 pm

Yes, bought and paid for myself.

Terrence Utah
08/22/12 3:12 pm

They might not be lying. The youngest person to be accepted into a university/college that I know of was 14, so if things worked out for him he could have easily got a bachelors degree before he was 21. So maybe 1% really have one and the 3% are lying.

08/22/12 2:55 pm

If you look at the age filters, 4% of people under 21 have that. What liars

ronfromcny New York
08/22/12 2:46 pm

OK. Now I understand the answers to the belief in god question.

08/22/12 1:56 pm

Republicans need more education so we will have more democrats.

true Home
08/22/12 1:38 pm

Income filters are no surprise. And yes I have higher.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
08/22/12 1:37 pm

Not yet, but I'll have my doctorate in physical therapy in about 6 1/2 years. :)

Kay41 the Midwest
08/22/12 1:32 pm

Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction plus an additional 30 graduate hours. Life-long learner!

FemmeFatale Louisiana
08/22/12 1:22 pm

In the future yes, but now I'm a straight a student in the seventh grade

08/22/12 1:12 pm

I will one day but im still in high school right now

MadJefrson West Virginia
08/22/12 1:06 pm

Andres2100 keep telling yourself that. On average college grads earn a million dollars more over a lifetime than non-college grads. But I'll admit that college is not for everyone.

pjatx Austin, TX
08/22/12 12:20 pm

BS in Management. Start next week on my associates in Nursing (RN). 15 years apart.

08/22/12 11:47 am

I have my BS and no interest in getting my MBA. At this point in my career, there isn't an advantage to having one.

My wife has her BA and MA in English; she's a stay home mom :-)

sohuser California
08/22/12 11:30 am

I have a high school diploma, a good work ethic and some common sense. In my opinion that's better than anything you can get from a college.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
08/22/12 10:52 am

4 Associate degrees, 2 Bachelor degrees, & a MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Bachelor degrees are in English & Business Administration, in case you are curious.

thekid524 New York
08/22/12 10:48 am

Liberal brainwashing? U mean EDUCATION???