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Have you ever had a dream in which you died?

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caboose2050 Blood Gulch
03/22/15 12:25 pm

Yup and I could see my dead body. One of the only dreams I've had in black and white too.

progressive69 Indiana
03/22/15 5:31 am

Well, after being shot 4 times & having zero effects, I would say I can't die in my dreams.

03/22/15 12:10 am

It was really cold and grey-colored

audipop Lubbock
03/21/15 8:00 pm

Yes. Almost every night I am either drowning, jumping off buildings, or taking too many drugs haha

kittylover2003 Austin tx
03/21/15 8:34 am

one night I watched the movie scream. Then that same night I dreamt that I was attacked by ghostface in the house alone at night.But right before I died I took the mask off him and Dora was right there. I still died and got hung. Is that a nightmare?

kittylover2003 Austin tx
03/21/15 8:29 am

I was ice skating with my family then all of a sudden a bunch of dudes with guns shot everyone and piled there body's in tunnels. I was six

03/20/15 1:31 pm

Fell down a large sewer tube and ended up in a glass room with another across from me. Mickey,Donald, and goofy were there and the rooms filled with water... They laughed at me while we both drowned....i was 7 when i dreamt that...i cried

03/19/15 9:38 pm

I have the dream of falling then waking up, that's the closest to dying in a dream.

GreatGatz DMV
03/19/15 5:01 pm

Would always wake up right before...

03/19/15 2:57 pm

Recurring dream in childhood: I am in Hell with my whole family including the dog. The Devil says that I have to choose one of them to die so the rest can live. I always offered myself because I couldn't choose. I'd get pitched into a lake of fire.

03/19/15 3:00 pm

As an adult, I have dreams of being shot, feeling this sting, being in shock, touching the blood, then feeling the pain, and falling to my death.
Sometimes I am in a car accident, no brakes, icy roads, head on crash.

hexin Wisconsin
03/19/15 2:28 pm

I've committed suicide many times to make myself wake up. And once I died, then was reincarnated as my own baby sister.

kittylover2003 Austin tx
03/21/15 8:30 am

How do you control your dreams? You can't

hotrod84 mordor. I walked.
03/24/15 1:46 pm

Dream control is actually very common, there's even measures that can be taken to increase its occurrence

hexin Wisconsin
03/29/15 6:19 am

I hear playing video games help with that. Gives you the same sense of control you have in games I guess? I play a lot and have always been able to control *some* of my dreams. Definitely not the majority though.

03/19/15 11:53 am

The age thing seems to either suggest that young people are raised in an environment so different that they are significantly more likely to dream about dying, or that with age people just forgot the dreams in which they died and no longer have them.

03/19/15 9:35 am

Is this seeing your self dead or at the moment of deat waking up

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
03/19/15 6:18 am

It was so long ago, I forgot most of it. I remember I woke up before I died.

03/19/15 4:32 am

I've been fatally wounded, but I always wake up right when I would lapse from consciousness.

DragonDoy Hot, Humid, Suburban
03/19/15 3:43 am

Once, I had a dream about the imperial Japanese army invading my house. Another time, I had a dream about Nazis invading a fictional hotel I was in. Yet another time, it was just one guy, Mussolini.

NexusBlue California
03/18/15 10:11 pm

Once by a poison dart, once by being torn apart ( a creature attacked me ) once by a gun, once by a knife.... I'm sure I'm missing some others. I used to die fairly often !!!

badattitude no place like home
03/18/15 9:00 pm

I couldn't control the airplane. It fell to the ground in a big fireball. I felt so helpless. My worst nightmare.

MrWalrus Undergrid
03/18/15 8:35 pm

I always seem to wake up just before that happens

03/18/15 8:26 pm

A few times, which is very freaky. But by the 3rd (don't think I've had more than 5 in my lifetime) dream (didn't realize on the 1st or 2nd ones) I knew it was a dream & told myself that to make myself wake up before it happens or change the outcome

03/18/15 7:58 pm

At least twice I had lucid dreams. I was aware that the injury would likely cause death but changed up the circumstances to survive. How's that for rejecting mortality?

03/18/15 7:42 pm

No I never had because whenever I'm about to die I wake up does anyone else have this happen to them?

RoDe Latinus wordsus
03/18/15 6:16 pm

Not that I can specifically recall but I I think I have. The most troublesome dream I've had recently was getting a D on a paper. Woke up the next morning, and for a moment I wasn't sure if it was real. Would've hurt my GP and ego.

03/18/15 5:52 pm

I always wake up right when I'm about to

03/18/15 7:42 pm

Me to and I just realized my post was pointless

Acebeardman14 Tennessee
03/18/15 5:03 pm

I had a dream where I got a fatal injury and was going to die but I woke up.

Pamtastic97 Wisconsin
03/18/15 4:47 pm

Isn't this psychologically impossible to do?

alynn Somewhere wonderful
03/18/15 5:30 pm

I promise you, it is not.

camlop San Diego, CA
03/18/15 4:34 pm

My dreams are almost always about me dying (and almost always from murder by someone or some people I don't know).

bMyComrade Stumptown
03/18/15 4:27 pm

Repeatedly when I was little - usually drowning, but sometimes bring stabbed or shot. I had really terrible nightmares very frequently. I learned to lucid dream as a way to deal with that, though I didn't know that's what I was doing.

leilu SoCal
03/18/15 3:35 pm

Killed by a nuclear bomb and drowned. Countless times I woke up before dying, but those two were sure things.

03/18/15 3:31 pm

I have died by sword, a car crash, dinosaurs, suicide, and a robot.

03/19/15 2:52 pm

Death by robot? There's one I haven't had. Now it's in my brain though, so it will probably occur.

RedHale Texas
03/18/15 3:03 pm

There was one night when I died many times. I got shot, stabbed, blown up, and who knows what else. Every time I fell back asleep, I started from the same place and tried a new way to win. Eventually I did. It was very weird.

drewseph17 San Francisco
03/18/15 3:01 pm

yes and it used to be a recurring one. i essentially stared in my own Friday the 13th movie, but it ended with me dying.

ninjagamer4878 I like turtles
03/18/15 2:24 pm

In my dream i was killed by a bunch of wasps attacking me and another dream i was attacked by a huge white spider! I hated those dreams

TheIndian Virgo Supercluster
03/18/15 2:18 pm

I have been attacked by a guy hiding under a car in parking lot who kills me with a throwing knife in a dream

Too much call of duty

DeathSheep Michigan
03/18/15 1:06 pm

Yup. It's annoying. I stop breathing when I die in a dream. I wake up gasping because of lack of oxygen.

03/18/15 12:15 pm

Frequently. I usually just switch perspective to someone else in the dream after I die.

03/18/15 12:08 pm

Yes, and I've seen several different versions of the "afterlife" in these dreams. All but one were excruciatingly boring and not places where I would want to spend eternity.

03/18/15 11:27 am

It's not possible to die in a dream because if you die in a dream you die in real life because of your subconscious

03/18/15 12:09 pm

Not true. That's a myth.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
03/18/15 12:36 pm

I'm alive and well. I've died countless times in my dreams.

03/18/15 11:13 am

No....but I had dreams where I had to fight for my life.

03/18/15 11:09 am

I was running from some asshole ninjas, some of which were on motorcycles, and one stabbed me in the back, and it all went black.

Zimmeress Make Me Laugh
03/18/15 11:02 am

Yes, I drowned. Everything got so still and quiet. Saw fish swimming by me, checking me out. I wasn't breathing. My lungs were full of water. It was like I didn't have to worry about breathing anymore. All my other senses started getting stronger.

gonzoboy Arizona
03/18/15 10:12 am

All my dreams involving an imminent death situations take me JUST to the edge of death, and in THAT moment, I wake a bit rattled. Immediately upon waking, I think about it 'cuz I'm disturbed and can't go right back to sleep. My eyes are, like 😳!

TheDoN Tricities, WA
03/18/15 10:06 am

I have died in dreams in many different ways.

MrSir2015 California
03/18/15 10:06 am

One of two things: I either jolt awake right as I'm dying or I just lie there, somehow still conscious (I've been shot point blank in the head in a dream) then regenerate

afnj1 The TARDIS
03/18/15 11:35 am

Ooh, regenerate? Do I see a Doctor Who reference?

MrSir2015 California
03/18/15 1:45 pm

I didn't even think about that, but I am definitely a fan of the show

bnnt Los Angeles
03/18/15 9:25 am

I usually jump and wake up just before dying. It's can sometimes be frightening.

Thankfully I don't have those kinds of dreams often.

Congressman Louisiana
03/18/15 9:15 am

83% native Americans said yes.

Wonder if it involved cowboys and us cavalry lol.

03/18/15 2:15 pm

That's kind of racist .... No not "kind of" it is racist. 😑😑😑