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Rainey October 23rd, 2014 7:12pm

Inspired by my road trip: What are some of your favorite 'turn up the volume' songs to listen to in the car?

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orgblu10 Shamerica
12/11/14 11:11 am

Madness by Muse, London Calling by The Clash, pretty much anything by Social Distortion.

ShadowSpectrum The Gloaming
10/27/14 8:03 pm

Coffee and Tv- Blur
Paranoid Android- Radiohead
Stockholm Syndrome- Muse
No Cars Go- Arcade Fire

10/24/14 2:43 pm

Oh I have to say Bohemian Rhapsody. When we play it in the car, my whole family sings along.

10/24/14 2:42 pm

Come with me now by Kongos.

DonWichita Kansas
10/24/14 11:57 am

Handel's Messiah by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Selected Gaither songs.

10/24/14 6:05 am

Callin' Baton Rouge, running on empty, I've been everywhere, on the road again and more

chickencookie Over whelmed
10/24/14 5:37 am

Weeeeee! Crank up the volume and lets go. :-)

10/24/14 12:12 am

Soy de Rancho - El Komander
Aca Entre Nos - Vicente Fernández
Most songs by Gerardo Ortiz
Anything by Los Tigres del Norte

Blunderbuss Dont blink.
10/23/14 11:16 pm

So many good choices: American Girl, Take Me Home Tonight, Landslide, Break My Stride, Jolene, Four Seasons in One Day, Love is a Battlefield, Run to the Hills, Man on the Silver Mountain, Smooth Criminal, Hallelujah, Veronica, Kyrie, Tryin to get

Blunderbuss Dont blink.
10/23/14 11:28 pm

the Feeling, Turbo Lover, Easy Lover, I Touch Myself, I'm not Ready to Make Nice, Stupify, Bizarre Love Triangle, Question of Lust, Proud Mary, Ain't No Sunshine, With or Without You, I Can't Make You Love Me, Supersonic, Renegade, Heaven's on Fire.

jrrob CT
10/24/14 5:23 pm

Nice. Very wide ranging.

Blunderbuss Dont blink.
10/24/14 11:37 pm

Thanks. Seems most people say they have a wide variety of musical interests, I've always wanted to say, "no, really, I do!" lol

CorblaKhan Team Skynet
10/23/14 10:55 pm

So very many! Almost as many turn my car into a drum kit... I don't generally suggest being on the road near me.

pedwingeorge Benson IL
10/23/14 7:54 pm

Royal fireworks music by George Frederick Handel

Carmen the Opera

lip massholevania
10/23/14 7:51 pm

Highway star, deep purple, flight of the Valkyries,

Twinkeys Minnesota
10/23/14 7:19 pm

Stairway to heaven, Bohemian rhapsody, More than a feeling, Hotel California, Carry on my wayward son, Africa, Dream on, Back in black, Take on me, Eye of the tiger, the final countdown just to name a few.

Oboette17 Senioritis
10/23/14 7:26 pm

I think we just became best friends

Twinkeys Minnesota
10/23/14 7:33 pm

haha you like that same type of music im guessing

MannIsMe Did You Assume My Party
10/23/14 7:18 pm

Jeffster!'s version of Take On Me, Pompeii by Bastille, and Party Poison by My Chemical Romance.

10/23/14 7:00 pm

Anything by michael Jackson also sweet dreams by eurythmics

10/23/14 7:00 pm

I'm 22 and love older music

10/23/14 6:38 pm

I am so impressed by so many commenters' musical tastes. Party on, dudes!

kspells TheOtherOtherside
10/23/14 6:18 pm

Stop/Song2/Little things/Pepper/I want to be sedated/Life during war time/Stigmata/Dragula/Unbelievable/The Dope Show/SoWhat/Only happy when it rains/Stupid Girl/Le Disko

kspells TheOtherOtherside
10/23/14 6:21 pm

A love Bizarre/possum Kingdom/Obsession/

FATSHADOW Cyborg Gorilla
10/23/14 6:16 pm

Radar Love is an obligatory "turn up the volume" song.

meb1 somewhere in MN
10/23/14 6:09 pm

Anything by Bob Seger!

10/23/14 5:54 pm

Creedence Clearwater Revival "Up Around The Bend."

10/23/14 5:51 pm

Mony Mony, Tommy James and the Shondells.

LadyBug237 Florida
10/23/14 5:49 pm

Many songs. The one that first popped into my head was Cher's It's in his Kiss

10/23/14 5:02 pm

Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Yes - 90125 or Big Generator albums

think4yourself Not a safe space
10/23/14 4:42 pm

Bush, Tool, Metallica, system of a down, Billy Joel, Chicago, and the beegees.

dawl adulting
10/23/14 4:39 pm

Too many to list. First that came to mind was 80's. "Taaaaaaake oooooon meeeeeeee (take ON me) taaaaaaaake meeeeee oooooooooooon."
And now I must go find it lol.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
10/23/14 4:14 pm

Today it was "Ice Ice Baby"

Oboette17 Senioritis
10/23/14 7:27 pm

I hate that song... It's irritates me because it's a knock off of Under Pressure >:/

zuko on deck
10/23/14 4:07 pm

Queen "Fat Bottomed Girls", "Tie Your Mother Down"
The Fixx "One Thing Leads to Another"
Styx "Come Sail Away"
Aerosmith "Walk this Way"
Eagles "Hotel California"
Kansas "Closet Chronicles"
Dire Straits "Money for Nothing"
Bob Seger "Katmandu"(live)

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
10/23/14 4:13 pm

Fat bottomed girls ❤️❤️❤️

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
10/23/14 4:00 pm

Anything!! I love a good mix from oldies to pop hits to rock to metal to everything else fun!!

Spartacus AUSTIN
10/23/14 3:59 pm

almost anything from Metallica, Pantera, Judas Preist, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Sepultura, or White Zombie.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
10/23/14 4:05 pm

Pennywise. Brings back memories from HS!!

Idahologger up north
10/23/14 3:48 pm

thunderkiss 65 makes me go full throttle!

think4yourself Not a safe space
10/23/14 4:43 pm

He has some great dance moves in that video.

Fungamer2817 Intriguing...
10/23/14 3:10 pm

Everything I listen to I have on full blast.

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
10/23/14 3:14 pm

I like your style :)

RoDe Latinus wordsus
10/23/14 2:59 pm

Marlena Shaw's California Soul as remixed by Diplo. That is a jam.

Kay41 the Midwest
10/23/14 2:19 pm

Any 70-80's music

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
10/23/14 2:17 pm

Anything by nirvana or Metallica...

dyousif Rhode Island
10/23/14 2:09 pm

Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
Slayer - War Ensemble
Iron Maiden - Aces High
Behemoth - Slaves Shall Serve
Dying Fetus - From Womb to Waste

lip massholevania
10/23/14 8:05 pm

Ok, how's about breadfan Mettalica? Ace of spades Moterhead.

dyousif Rhode Island
10/23/14 8:07 pm

Never heard Breadfan and I don't have any of Motorhead's albums, but if it's on the radio I crank it up.

jvc1133 61535
10/23/14 2:07 pm

I listen to an oldies station, I'm old, after eighties they stopped making music. ; )

mistah Happy Happy Joy Joy
10/23/14 2:07 pm

1. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire - Queens of the Stone Age

10/23/14 6:58 pm

Paint it black- The Rolling Stones, forgot abiht this one until tt came on the radio today

10/23/14 2:06 pm

Kickstart my Heart- Motley crue
Intergalactic- Beastie Boys
D'yer Mak'er- Led Zeppelin
War Pigs- Black Sabbath
Orion- Metallica
Highway to Hell- ACDC
Killing in the name of- RATM

10/23/14 4:20 pm

I'm not generally "all about that bass", but that song is a definite exception

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/23/14 2:05 pm

I love showtunes. Le Mes is my favorite

10/23/14 1:57 pm

Are you gonna be my girl
By Jett

SaintAnger sumkindamonster
10/23/14 1:34 pm

I normally just toss this on my phone and play it in my car. There's a ten hour version thats just this on loop, but you have to sign into YouTube for "age verification." It's no different, just longer.

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/23/14 1:17 pm

Cadillac Ranch
American Salute
God Bless The USA
1812 Overture

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
10/23/14 1:50 pm

Jambalaya!! Love that song :)

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/23/14 1:06 pm

Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Cake - The Distance
Green Day - She
RHCP - Scar Tissue
Jackson Browne - Running on Empty
Casey Chambers - Water in the Fuel
Canned Heat - Going Up the Country
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
10/23/14 1:50 pm

Those are some great picks!

Jack14 Massachusetts
10/23/14 2:43 pm

Zod i like your taste.

10/23/14 4:48 pm

You had me at beastie boys