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Show Of Hands August 27th, 2011 12:00am

Have you argued over money with your spouse or significant-other in the last year?

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08/27/11 7:16 pm

enjoy the herpagonasyphilitis

08/27/11 7:16 pm

twice a month on bill day I can count on an argument. She is great at making up though!!

08/27/11 7:16 pm

I'll bet her snatch stinks.

08/27/11 7:15 pm

shut up van. you are such a loser you can't get a real woman? you have to hire one? what a dousche.

08/27/11 6:59 pm

No, I have not. My first and only love is money, and for my sexual needs I hire high class women for 2000 a night - more than most of you here make in a month probably.

Remember, people who are as talented and wealthy as I am have options the general public will never have.

08/27/11 6:44 pm

@ouchy believe it or not a lot of people have very successful relationships.

08/27/11 6:44 pm

we fight over the iPad more than anything else.

08/27/11 6:43 pm

who's lying ouchy? what a statement! you have no clue about anyone else's situation. we all have iPads and iPhones so I would guess the majority would say no. apparently your parents bought your iPhone for you...

blutuesday California
08/27/11 6:39 pm

Hubby is the save-it-all-for-later guy, and I'm the let's-enjoy-it-now gal; we've learned from each other and gotten past the arguments, at least on this topic!

blutuesday California
08/27/11 6:34 pm

Thankfully, no...and not for years now!

alaskan sleeping
08/27/11 5:40 pm

She gets upset when I spend money on her. Haha. :)

08/27/11 5:19 pm

It's easy to avoid arguing over things which don't exist. Lol.

gonk In a psychology textbook
08/27/11 5:14 pm

Speaking for my parents... Nope. They keep their opinions to themselves. :/

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/27/11 4:34 pm

I am incapable of saying yes—because I'm single!


P.S. I'm not open for enrollment ;-)

08/27/11 4:09 pm

my partner and I have been together 10 years and have had many arguments but never about money We will worry about it together but never argue. Life is too short to waste energy on that.

08/27/11 3:51 pm

@nik. It's the same with me and my husband except we hve only been married for 20 yrs. We never really fought anyway :).

08/27/11 3:47 pm

If you have a hard time sharing finances I would guess you have issues elsewhere.

08/27/11 3:46 pm

@handsdown - my wife and I share our money. She handles the paperwork and I usually ask her if we are good before spending much. I even earn a good deal more than her. Marriage is about compromising with your PARTNER for the good of the family, and not just with money.

softball1? Florida
08/27/11 3:04 pm

Considering im 12... No! But my parents have before....

08/27/11 2:51 pm

we both agree on how we spend - needs and wants are defined

O13 Alabama
08/27/11 2:42 pm

Lol @ jamesjelly. Same here!

My wife has this odd fascination with buying our kids more shoes, toys, and clothes than they need though.... we argue (I bitch) about that more than anything.

08/27/11 2:10 pm

Less than 12 hours ago!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Soitgoes Missouri
08/27/11 1:58 pm

Cash Rules Everthing Around Me. Cream! Get the money! Dolla dolla bill y'all!

BallerB Connecticut
08/27/11 1:51 pm

My fiancee isn't the best in the world with money and I am quite frugal. However it works because she respects the fact that I am good with money and let's me make most of our financial decisions.

CobsG West Virginia
08/27/11 1:43 pm

My wife says I confuse my "wants" with my "needs". I say it's not the case; we NEED more money because I WANT lots of stuff!

Ajibawa La La Land
08/27/11 1:00 pm

It's easy to not argue about money when you don't have any. What we have goes toward what we need to live. Simple as that I guess.

Zack100 Tatooine
08/27/11 12:51 pm

I'm 15 so I'm not married but my girlfriend steals my money out of my wallet if I leave it out so we argue about!!

08/27/11 12:51 pm

she let's me buy beer and the occasional video game. it's all I need.

08/27/11 12:49 pm

I Hand my fiancé my check and she handles it all. which is the way i like it.

defender Austin, TX
08/27/11 12:30 pm

no significant other to argue with about anything........

Nerdz Texas
08/27/11 12:10 pm

I'm too young to be worrying about money with my" significant- other"

cryskull Culpeper, VA
08/27/11 11:51 am

Been married for 20 years, we have never argued about money. Have we had argued about other thing... Ah yes. There are no Cosby families. If you say you never argued then it's only a front.

valeriejo ramble on
08/27/11 11:17 am

I think if we actually had money there would be nothing left to argue about. Now where's the fun in that?

true Home
08/27/11 11:13 am

no not really. only when he won't let me buy more shoes haha

MadCass Texas
08/27/11 10:59 am

@hands down, I'm sorry you've become so jaded. It can work. I've successfully shared a bank account with my spouse for 30 years. Both our paychecks go in; payments to keep our family going go out. We find nothing to argue about in that.

08/27/11 10:54 am

after 30 years together my wife and I have found how to communicate and not fight about anything. It's a NICE place to be...

08/27/11 10:48 am

Hands down- you are wrong. We "share" and agree on spending and saving. It wasn't always that way but over the years we have worked it out. We have the same financial goals (retirement, investments, etc.) so it makes it easier to be on the same page.

08/27/11 10:35 am

ahhhhh.....and how nice it is to be single and not argue about anything ;) I'd trade it in for the right guy.

08/27/11 10:32 am

(clarification: there are never two people that 'share' money, and then agree about it's usage, saving, etc.)

08/27/11 10:30 am

Yet another pointless question... (especially since there are going to be many single people...)

08/27/11 10:14 am

I said yes but I don't really argue with my husband. It is the one thing that we discuss and are worried about.

leftocentr Oregon
08/27/11 10:14 am

Can't argue about something u haven't got. Just kidding. I am actually writing this from my yacht off the coast of Necker Island as I sip a bloody Mary and watch the smoke rise from Richard Branson's smoldering home. I love the smell of burning money in the morning. Ahhh...