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Show Of Hands August 7th, 2011 12:00am

Would you rather live in an older house with lots of character, or a newer house with lots of conveniences? (old + modernized is not an option here)

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08/19/11 9:48 pm

Newer would mean my house would be more energy efficient and it would be wired for Internet access in every room of the house.

08/15/11 10:15 pm

old doesn't have to mean rundown and scary it just means a house that's been around a while. I live in a house built in the 1800s and i prefer it by a long stretch to the brand new million dollar houses my friends have

08/14/11 6:31 pm

and lack of window screens. bloody he'll.

08/14/11 6:30 pm

YES I hate old houses for their freaking bugs and ghosts and mice.

LicensedNe North Carolina
08/13/11 10:43 pm

New houses are built for a reason, so I'll choose new.

08/12/11 2:59 pm

mansions* bleh stupid iPad keyboard

08/12/11 2:58 pm

KC has beautiful old homes especially the old ,anions in mission hills & loch lloyd

bibitz Oklahoma
08/11/11 11:13 pm

Just bought an older home in a historical neighborhood... I love the character and I love that my house looks different than my neighbors.

08/11/11 5:53 am

I prefer new. Old houses have pest problems. There would be nothing worse than waking up with a mouse or snake in bed with you.

AthenaH. Iowa
08/10/11 4:18 am

I want a plantation style home. I honestly don't care about how the inside looks as long as my kitchen is huge and I have a big enough lot for all my animals.

08/10/11 3:59 am

I love everything old especially cars everything used to have so much character and now most things are bland and boring

TaB1777 Pennsylvania
08/10/11 12:33 am

PLEASE READ:I hate new modern glass houses I like my DOUBLEWIDE TRAILER just fine and I don't care if you make fun of my DOUBLEWIDE TRAILER and half of the year I am in fl and I live in a CAMPER TRAILER go ahead make fun I DON'T CARE

mim formerly 97123
08/09/11 8:29 pm

My six year old house has extensive water damage due to crappy workmanship. The inspection company said in 10 years I can expect catastrophic structural failure. if I ever have the opportunity to buy again, it'll definitely be an older, well-built home.

08/09/11 5:57 pm

Thanks I was being stupid. I forgot that outhouses are considered a modern convenience in Oklahoma.

08/08/11 6:23 pm

I need outlets; plain and simple.

08/08/11 2:10 pm

Outhouses? That's just stupid. Of course they don't mean like with outhouses. Older as on early 1900s... Not 1800s.

08/08/11 11:24 am

Older like with outhouse? No thanks.

08/08/11 9:31 am

I love our older home. We updated everything when we bought it plus refinished the hardwood floors and remodeled a few of the rooms. It's beautiful.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/08/11 8:02 am

Older houses will hold up better,built better than new ones today,old homes need some upgrades (electrical,plumbing windows etc.) but when done you have a better home.

08/08/11 8:01 am

@runswimgal while I see your point if you think about it.. Those older houses in Cali have been there through a lot... And still standing.. So :)

08/08/11 7:58 am

I've always wanted a victorian manor. So much character. Like the one from charmed. There are pros & cons to both new & old. I've seen new houses with black mold and cut corners. Some, not all. Older houses can be work but you can put new windows, etc.. Bring it more up to date

08/08/11 7:14 am

Dumb question. Does modernization mean I can't put in new appliances as old ones break? I guess I'll have to put back the coal burner the gas lights and the outhouse.

runswimgal California
08/07/11 11:06 pm

Newer would also be safer... Especially in California.

08/07/11 10:59 pm

I live in a 1935 stick house downtown fort lauderdale love it clapboard siding and wood floors iron door knobs etc very charming everyone loves it

08/07/11 10:57 pm

these questions aren't supposed to be about making exceptions. pick one or the other.

emsies Seattle
08/07/11 9:45 pm

I chose a new house because I think that there would be too many risks with an old house, and since I live in an area with a lot of rain and floods, I think they a newer house would stand up better to those hazards.

eradicator JC
08/07/11 9:09 pm

The best of both worlds is entirely possible. Give me an old house with character and I'll update it to make it more efficient. Or I'll design a new house with classic details.

Nerdz Texas
08/07/11 8:10 pm

older houses look eerie and haunted

MrWalrus Undergrid
08/07/11 7:37 pm

Too many new houses have mold problems.

alizesmom Pennsylvania
08/07/11 7:33 pm

I love the old ones but they are not accessible and my kids need that.

MrWalrus Undergrid
08/07/11 7:32 pm

Older. My brother lost $30,000 in a month on his new house.

08/07/11 7:26 pm

kandykane... read the question again..

kandykane California
08/07/11 6:59 pm

Living in ca, I would pick older only if it had proper, up to date earthquake beams and protection.

08/07/11 3:21 pm

Older houses are usually better built. When you are building a 100 look-a-like homes at a time these days you don't put nearly as much into your work.

kkkkkkkkkk Mississippi
08/07/11 2:57 pm

Look at this... The older people seemed to vote more for the older house

08/07/11 2:54 pm

Newer. They don't have pest problems old houses do.

benbargold Massachusetts
08/07/11 2:06 pm

I love those new million dollar houses in wealthy neighborhoods

08/07/11 1:39 pm

Just because a house is new, doesn't mean it lacks character...

08/07/11 12:20 pm

I live in a building that's more than 100 years old and the upkeep is expensive. The historic significance is awesome and I love the Victorian look, but I'd rather live in a new, modern house.

Piper? Texas
08/07/11 12:06 pm

We just bought a new brand new house. We wanted a newer one because our old, old house had two many problems. I.e. Air conditioning, insolation, and plumbing...

notthemomm Florida
08/07/11 10:49 am

In Florida I have lived in both the older houses no matter how much I tried I could not get rid of palmetto bugs the newer houses I never once saw one and thats a big deal to me we don't have them in WA where I'm from and it's gross

08/07/11 10:37 am

Its funny I was just thinking that an older house would probably creep me out because it would seem haunted. As for the ammityville house, it's kinda on my bucket list with some of my friends to go visit it

08/07/11 9:44 am

I sed newer bc if its convenient then it's probably close to work or a market. Walking would save u gas and money. Plus, a newer house would b more up-to-regulation- not that all old houses aren't. Modern houses usually look nicer in my neighborhood anyway. :)

StNik North Carolina
08/07/11 9:13 am

A lot of old homes were well built.

08/07/11 9:04 am

fantasy football rocks and go eagles!

NYevo NY
08/07/11 8:38 am

The horror house, right? Lol

08/07/11 8:35 am

How about living @ 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, NY?

Nice old house with lots of history...