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Show Of Hands January 7th, 2013 12:00am

Are you watching the Notre Dame vs Alabama BCS Championship game?

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dreamitliveit IDLH
01/07/13 1:59 pm

On principle, I will never get cable. To me, a cable subscription means, "I definitely plan on parking my butt on the couch for SO MANY HOURS that paying $100/month (or whatever) is worthwhile!"

DakotaJames seattle
01/07/13 6:51 pm

Since the huskies lost the bowl game I don't care about college football anymore. We have he Seahawks to root for now!

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
01/07/13 2:04 pm

Yeah, I can only watch NASCAR when it's on fox. They need an Internet tv channel to my playstation.

Isomax TIC TOC
01/07/13 9:31 am

Yep I'll be watchn the Alabama Game. ROLL TIDE

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
01/07/13 4:59 pm

You know... I have never seen that movie.
Isn't it about a waterboy who plays football? But is real dumb?

01/07/13 4:59 pm

Lol what sport....
If u can tell, I don't care for sports much ????

jimmyjelly BFE, PA
01/07/13 4:59 pm

Super Bowl? It was in January a few times...

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/07/13 8:22 am

Not when writers determine who plays!! Deserving 1 loss teams that should playoff - Alabama (5 pt loss @ home to #10 Texas A&M), Florida (8 pt loss @ #6 GA), Oregon (3 pt loss @ home to #8 Stanford). Notre Dame is a given, but how can you disregard Oregon and Florida? (Pre Sugar Bowl, of course)

ryno Flyover Country
01/07/13 8:23 am

Why? It is instituted, but due to contract reasons they couldn't start it until this upcoming season.

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/07/13 8:26 am

I refuse to watch a flawed system. I'll wait until the playoff is in effect.

01/07/13 9:43 am

Dont get ESPN or I would watch it

01/07/13 5:12 pm

In about an hour and a half!

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/07/13 2:40 pm

That was a team that's too good for the Big East, that's why they're headed to the ACC.

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/07/13 2:42 pm

There should be no Bowls......only the playoffs!

ryno Flyover Country
01/07/13 8:34 am

Is college football about the system in which post season is decided and who gets the money or about watching young men grow up and mature as athletes and teammates?

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
01/07/13 6:55 pm

Didn't even know college sports were on tv. Oops

dabrat East Coast
01/07/13 5:29 pm

Not totally but I may channel surf and check out the score

01/07/13 2:52 pm I meant the Big East. They are falling apart

ryno Flyover Country
01/07/13 8:37 am

Then you could break for finals and play the rest of the games after christmas.

01/07/13 3:00 pm

well...... I see how it is

Diogenes FreeMeBe
01/07/13 3:01 pm

I like the Irish, but Nick Satan always coaches well and going for a 3-peat.

Quinnipiac Here
01/07/13 8:22 pm

Rudy Ruettiger, where have you gone?

susanr Colorado
01/07/13 5:48 pm

Sort of. We go to San Francisco every year for an outdoor Super-Bowl-related event that old friends have been putting on for about 30 years, & stay about a week. I go for the friends & fun, not the game. And yes, it's been in late January in the past.

Helpless Anywhere I want to be.
01/07/13 3:09 pm

I know. Just saying that Louisville is headed to the ACC in 2014. Maybe next year if the Big East completely falls apart.

HayleyS looking up.
01/07/13 8:47 am

I'd normally not, but my boyfriend wants me to watch with him...

ryno Flyover Country
01/07/13 10:20 am

Tony don't pay attention to this comment.

If you have a computer and a connection to the streaming sites are your friend :-)

Quinnipiac Here
01/07/13 12:40 pm

Go Irish! Biggest upset since Rudy!

01/07/13 8:57 am

My husband has plans to watch with some friends. I will be happily at home, doing something non-sports related. :)

MPL09 Ohio
01/07/13 8:37 pm

Well, i wouldn't really call it a game...disappointed.

illinois217 Illinois
01/07/13 12:58 pm

Tide by 17 then next year will be the year of the buckeyes just like it should've been this year when they went 12-0

01/07/13 7:46 pm

I feel bad for Norte dame

Melon No Ducklips
01/07/13 3:44 pm

Lou Holtz would have also been 12-0.

lmurder MDK
01/07/13 10:34 am

Idk might go to the casino. Hate note dame. Lou Holtz picks then to win very week. No matter who they play. And I hate nick Saban and the ride as well.

Diogenes FreeMeBe
01/07/13 7:09 pm

Turn out the lights, the party's over!

Thank you, Don.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
01/07/13 1:09 pm

Yeah. Right. Hope they don't get embarrassed by the SEC.

malibog 12309
01/07/13 10:37 am

I said yes, but I will not be "glued" to the tv.

Quinnipiac Here
01/07/13 1:19 pm

didnt nationally 3rd ranked team out of all-powerful SEC just get embarrassed by a Big East team? The Big East is a terribly weak conference! The SEC's dominance is waning, if not already a thing of the past.

jmw7477 Indiana
01/07/13 8:04 am

Nope. I'm not a sports fan at all.