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Liberty November 5th, 2013 4:27pm

If everyone was prohibited from buying an auto insurance policy that doesn't include Liability, Collision, Incidentals, Rental Cars, and maintenance, would this benefit consumers, since they can no longer purchase an inferior policy?

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DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
11/05/13 1:03 pm

I don't care what insurance they get as long as they have liability.

MadCow True GOP
11/05/13 8:56 pm

ACA is Liability for your body. You get that, right?

elianastar FreeSpeech
11/05/13 9:37 am

No. We've driven cars that were so old some coverage was just stupid. If car totaled no ins would give us more than fraction of fraction of premiums paid. We got coverage only to protect against injury & other driver. Made no sense to pay for other

jvc1133 61535
11/05/13 9:35 am

Did you ask this for Barry

Liberty 4,032,064
11/05/13 9:37 am

Should that choice be taken from them?