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CodySTL November 5th, 2013 5:58am

People seem split over whether the U.S. is a welfare state. Would you like to see the nation develop more into a welfare state or move away from it?

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11/05/13 4:49 am

Why would anyone want more poor, dependent people? Gotta wonder about some of those liberals at times.

CodySTL Southern Illinois
11/04/13 11:03 pm

My Dad owns a rental house, and the couple that lives there lives entirely on taxpayer money. Neither one has a job, yet they receive more money than my father, who works for a living. These people are a prime example of why we need less welfare.

BusinessJustin Tamriel
11/04/13 11:02 pm

I certainly side with less welfare. I understand that it may seem harsh, but the growth of welfare has only served as a disincentive to hard work. I don't advocate abolishing all welfare. Instead, let it be an absolute last resort and not so casual.