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goalie31 November 5th, 2013 4:31am

Have shootings become just another part of our society?

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cowboy Here and There
11/05/13 5:41 am

You mean shootings like Lincoln, the Kennedys, MLK, Lennon, or Reagan?

steelcity Pittsburgh
11/05/13 5:36 am

Let's examine the cause for the shootings, not the vehicle used. Depression, mental illness, psychotropic drugs etc. why are most shooters associated with these? How do we fix it.

Colorado303 Future Seattle Resident
11/05/13 12:51 am

Shootings have been going down for the last 50 years or longer. The media makes it seem like it's going up

11/04/13 11:43 pm

Should it be? No. Is it becoming way too common? Yes. I dint want a huge debate in gun control et al, so please don't on this comment,

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
11/04/13 10:17 pm

accepting facts? there's a shooting every other week.

11/04/13 10:18 pm

And republicans are doing nothing to prevent shootings.

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
11/04/13 10:26 pm

liberals are the ones Allowing the shootings. (no gun zones, taking guns away from responsible gun owners, etc)