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Show Of Hands December 29th, 2012 12:00am

New Year's Eve celebration: stay in or go out?

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madeit Houston Area
01/01/13 12:54 am

Walk in your kids room and watch them sleeping. They won't be young much longer.

madeit Houston Area
01/01/13 12:50 am

Thank them. They may be seeing to it that you are still alive to see the light of New Years Day.

madeit Houston Area
01/01/13 12:48 am

After reading the bone-chilling comments under the question on drinking and driving, I may never leave the house again!

susanr Colorado
12/31/12 5:28 pm

Hm. Not gonna happen. Flu. I haven't even walked to the mailbox since... maybe Thursday. Hope the mail carrier isn't mad at me; they're awfully small boxes. I MIGHT eat some solid food today besides a slice of bread. Or not.

12/31/12 12:33 pm

If only I could be with my boyfriend.

tdaddy Kentucky
12/31/12 8:51 am

I quit drinking 30 years ago and recreational drugs 10 years ago, so why risk my life in all the inebriated traffic? Not. Worth. It.

12/31/12 6:19 am

The older I get, the more I tend to stay in.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
12/31/12 6:17 am

Not a bad thing, but New Years.....
Get out there and tie one on girl.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
12/31/12 4:36 am

Well in my town our local skating rink lets teens stay for a lockin on New Years. Plus some under 21 are college students and able to get in some bars/clubs just not drink legally.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
12/31/12 4:33 am

I'd love to go out with friends but probably be stuck at home which we may still do something anyways. I'm 21 and I might as well enjoy being young, single and with no kids while I can. I'm not much of a drinker but still enjoy going out dancing & a few drinks.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/30/12 8:58 pm

Not that smart EB, just old enough to prefer staying out of trouble over of trying to get out of it. Mostly :)

EarlyBird Portland
12/30/12 7:14 pm

Gonzo - sounds like a great night! I hope you have a lot of fun bringing in the new year. Be sure to keep yourself safe. We value you here. ????????????????

susanr Colorado
12/30/12 7:10 pm

My town is a HUGE microbrewery-bikes-music place. There should be a ton of stuff going on in Old Town. I'll have my beer at home, thanks.

susanr Colorado
12/30/12 7:04 pm

Yeah, I'm pretty boring. I like it that way.

susanr Colorado
12/30/12 7:04 pm

I'm with you on the live blues, gonzo. Still staying home though.

12/30/12 6:53 pm

Staying in, but not watching that freak Ryan Seacrest. Who am I kidding, I will be in bed by 9.

Hawkn Texas
12/30/12 5:19 pm

I was going to go out with my girlfriend, but she turned out to be a sl*t
...who prefers "smaller" men

cowboy Dog Father
12/30/12 2:13 pm

More like a realist gramps. I didn't turn him gay so relax.

cduttwolf New York
12/30/12 2:13 pm

I'm with Jezebel. College kids gettin together to screw with us.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
12/30/12 10:46 am

"frigid college professor". Hhhmmmmm........... Better than "a****** of the night" after getting drunk. I've actually never touched alcohol so I sincerely don't understand why people drink to purposely get drunk. And I've had TONS of fun at NYE parties without alcohol.
PS- I'm a girl not a boy.

hippiedude fields of green
12/30/12 10:11 am

Go out, but stay at a friends house haha

12/30/12 9:32 am

You may end up staying home a lot but I wouldn't call life with kids boring. They say a do some if the funniest things.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/30/12 8:49 am

If I go out New Year's Eve, and something really, really good happens to me, I'll be in mighty big trouble when I get home. If I stay in New Year's Eve, and something really, really good happens to me, she'll wake up friendly and will probably make me waffles for breakfast. It's a no-brainer.

catey Pennsylvania
12/30/12 8:14 am

If playing manhunt at midnight at a friend's house constitutes going out... Then yeah...

gonzoboy Northern AZ
12/30/12 8:08 am

The night starts out with 5:30p.m. reservations at a local steakhouse. Then, an evening of live Blues (My FAVORITE genre of music to listen to LIVE!) From this venue, we head to a "10:00p.m. New Years Party" to celebrate the New Year hittin' NYC. From here, well, we're still jus' gettin' started!

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
12/30/12 7:37 am

74% of the country is boring.
Got it.

Quinnipiac Here
12/30/12 5:41 am

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Happy Hong Kong
12/30/12 3:55 am

Going to see Hot Chip in Marion Bay, Tasmania.

12/30/12 2:43 am

Traditional Annual Family party for 3 generations now
It doubles as a Birthday party for my Aunt... Jan 1st! :)

12/30/12 2:43 am

Where is the work button?

babyDruth Kansas
12/30/12 1:50 am

20 year old me: go out for sure and see how many girls fall for the ol' "do you need a new years kiss?" at midnight.
30 year old me: Stay in and get my new years kiss from my wife in the morning.

snacks East Bumfart
12/29/12 11:16 pm

I always said it is Amateur Night!

dabrat East Coast
12/29/12 10:30 pm

Stay in and away from the amateurs.

centexken Republic of Texas
12/29/12 8:38 pm

Stay at home and avoid the drunk drivers.

thekoon TX
12/29/12 7:40 pm

Staying in because I'm with family in china but I wish I was at lights all night in dallas

12/29/12 7:34 pm

When you have kids, your life gets boring and you stay in

12/29/12 7:21 pm

Early dinner out then home for the night. Boring but safe!

spoonrock North Carolina
12/29/12 6:59 pm

Nevermind, I clicked on Missouri not Mississippi by accident.

spoonrock North Carolina
12/29/12 6:57 pm

If you look at the percentage it says that more people are staying in in Mississippi.

It's broke!

JennaF sunflower state of mind
12/29/12 6:49 pm

Yeah, there's something going on down in Mississippi.

blue42 midwest
12/29/12 6:44 pm

Get hammered and home before the drunks hit the streets.