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TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/04/13 9:33 am

Gingersnaps and either peach or pumpkin ice cream in the middle for an ice cream sandwich is amazing.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/04/13 9:29 am

This question of the week I chose ice cream ummmm pumpkin.

JeremeFree California
11/04/13 9:08 am

Specifically my wife's homemade from scratch cookies. TO DIE FOR good.

11/04/13 8:58 am

Cookies! Smell good while they're baking and taste good when they're done. They even taste good before they're done!

bs75758 Michigan
11/04/13 8:51 am

Ice cream cookie sandwich ftw!

Goldiemol dry side of WA
11/04/13 8:50 am

Seeing as we make ice cream about 10 time as often as we make cookies I had to go with ice cream