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Show Of Hands November 4th, 2013 4:02am

Your computer starts behaving very erratically (random restarts, etc.). Do you know enough to identify and fix the source of the problem on your own?

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11/10/13 9:22 am

iPhone/pad yes... Computer no

lizardlipsohio The TARDIS
11/10/13 6:12 am

I'm good at computers, but not that good! Although, it's probably a virus!

escapist xoxo
11/09/13 1:58 am

I'mu family's IT person because apparently I'm the only person capable of googling computer problems/reading buttons

phantom Colorado
11/06/13 6:20 am

On my personal computer...not an issue I have a Mac. On my work computer... Cry and try and forget I have to use a Dell 5 days a week.

lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
11/05/13 9:13 pm

Steps to fix:
Throw away garbage PC.
Buy a mac.

11/10/13 9:23 am

I like pcs for computers bit this is funny

11/05/13 6:56 pm

Own a Computer riding huisiness I'm good.

dogsaver new Jersey
11/05/13 3:52 pm

Yes, it's a Microsoft windows pc. That's why I went to Mac!

11/04/13 10:52 pm

PC load letter.... What the fuck does that mean!

ChubbyWombat The Shire
11/04/13 7:20 pm

Turn it off and on again.

11/04/13 7:00 pm

I know exactly what to do... Throw the Windows piece of crap in the trash and buy Apple.

themahcrow Louisiana
11/04/13 5:17 pm

A hammer is the best tool to fix any windows based computer.

dogsaver new Jersey
11/05/13 3:53 pm

Pc's....... Enough said! Mac works.

11/04/13 4:54 pm

My computer is very emotional. If I talk to it, slam the rat a few times, get the cat off the keyboard, it usually corrects the problem. If not, I call hubby. If he can't fix, call tech in Florida.

634 Indiana
11/04/13 3:44 pm

Tech Support: Have you tried shutting it off and turning it back on?
Me: That's the effing problem I turn it on an it turns off!!
T.S: So you haven't tried that?
Me: *Hangs up phone an gets baseball bat*

zanoeg Union County, NC
11/04/13 3:35 pm

Absolutely yes. I would simply buy a new one.

arborfamilia on top of the hill
11/04/13 3:21 pm

If it's my personal machine, yes. If it's my work machine, eff that, I call the help desk.

11/04/13 10:54 pm

Don't forget to change the muffler bearings.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/04/13 1:03 pm

cry. and call someone I'm illiterate when it comes to computers.

hposto Oklahoma
11/04/13 12:12 pm

Yay, libertarians know their shit! :)

Klensken phx
11/04/13 12:11 pm

My job is to know everything about computers. I wouldn't let something like that happen in the first place.

BusinessJustin Tamriel
11/04/13 11:55 am

Yup, and I'm cursing through the entire process. Troubleshooting ability is a necessity in today's world.

Soz520 Belle Mead
11/04/13 11:05 am

This poll saddens me

11/04/13 11:00 am

Google it.

Jessica03 Maine
11/04/13 10:19 am

Well it depends on the problem doesn't it. If it's just a small glitch I can fix it. If a fix requires taking it apart and replacing something, I'll leave it to the pros.

kjs Minnesota
11/04/13 9:53 am

I don't but my husband does so I never have to worry about those kind of problems.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
11/04/13 9:47 am

Is have more success, navigating the Death Star run in Star Wars than fixing my computer.


dudley northern Virginia woods
11/04/13 8:34 am

Restart reboot. Go do something else and come back later.

11/04/13 8:21 am

Love technology, but if there's a way of screwing things up I'll find it. Thank God for the kid and the technologist otherwise I'd be up the creek without a paddle.

BlkDth here
11/04/13 8:17 am

my Old one had long enough 2 know how to play with it to fix it. I have a tablet now so I'd just send it in before I royally screw it up.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
11/04/13 7:44 am

I've found that slapping it upside the disk drive and demoralizing it work quite well. I tell if it doesn't quit this crap I'll remove it's insides and use its body as a trash can. Then I tell it its mother was a radio.

presrvd Phoenix
11/04/13 8:06 am

And it's daddy was a blender. Lol

Statek Im from the Internet
11/04/13 7:10 am

Too lazy to google and fix the problem you caused? Shell out an extra grand or so and buy a Mac!
A ~$1000 pc can easily outperform macs twice the price at the least

ScrewU Gone
11/04/13 7:07 am

Google it. There are no new computer problems.

spero42 Warrington, PA
11/04/13 7:19 am

This is why the most effective virus will be one that replaces Google with its own content...

shiculka optimistic realist
11/04/13 6:50 am

That's why I switched to Apple.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
11/04/13 6:52 am

You know what PC users can do that Apple users can't? Shut the fuvk up for 5 seconds about their computer choice

Diknak Ohio
11/04/13 7:55 am

lol, Apple products don't have hardware failures. Their harddrives are made of Unicorn tears and the RAM is made from fairy poop.

11/04/13 8:26 am

This Is why I can make decent money fixing Apple computers.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/04/13 2:10 pm

Logicman: maybe PC users are embarrassed? Remember Abraham Lincoln: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
11/05/13 9:16 pm

Actually apple computers can do things PCs cant because a mac can run windows AND OSX.

Statek Im from the Internet
11/04/13 6:39 am

I built it, I can fix it

dahawwl Texas
11/04/13 6:32 am

I know some things to do that might help, but if those don't work, I'm off to see the geeks.

Diknak Ohio
11/04/13 6:29 am

This is quite unfortunate. I think we need to do a better job at teaching computers in school because basic troubleshooting is something everyone should be able to do.

presrvd Phoenix
11/04/13 8:08 am

My seven year old is building her first PC as a Christmas present for her grandmother.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
11/04/13 2:11 pm

The software and hardware industries should be producing better quality product. Notice the increase of bugs as we continue to offshore jobs.

cowboy Here and There
11/04/13 6:15 am

Maybe? If I had a computer.

xx116xx Christian. Unashamed.
11/04/13 6:11 am

These results are quite pathetic...

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/04/13 5:59 am

Probably. But it depends.

chinito Florida
11/04/13 5:57 am

Step 1: Delete the Porn (If it doesn't work)
Step 2: Restart (If it doesn't work)
Step 3: Call costumer service (If it doesn't work)
Step 4: Use the Warranty. Smash the computer against the sidewalk and claim that it was broken when you bought it.

presrvd Phoenix
11/04/13 8:10 am

Yes, when all else fails, make sure you have accidental damage coverage... =)

11/04/13 5:18 am

Ctrl, alt & delete?

chickencookie It really is
11/04/13 4:54 am

I have no clue. I'd wait until my husband gets home. Beyond restarting, Im clueless.

gonzoboy Arizona
11/04/13 5:12 am

☕️ ☕️ :D

chickencookie It really is
11/04/13 5:15 am

Thank you very much! Ill get the banana bread!

Pent Chatham bubble
11/04/13 4:24 am

I'd probably try deleting some of the unnecessary programs that I've accumulated, and restarting the computer. After that, I'm out of ideas.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/04/13 12:07 am

My iPod has these diva fits where the control buttons on the side malfunction and it starts talking to me, restarting/skipping songs, and sometimes switching playlists when it's really wound up. I feel terrible but mashing the buttons sometimes helps

ScrewU Gone
11/04/13 7:06 am

An apple rep once told me that iPods are only made to work for a year.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
11/04/13 8:34 am

I don't know, my dad's 3rd gen iPod video is in perfect shape. No matter how hard I try to be that careful with my ipod(s), it doesn't work. They always end up flying out of my bag when I'm running somewhere, or getting unexpectedly squished/jabbed..

11/03/13 11:51 pm

Usually, it's the hard disk fluid. It could also be the RAM lubricant, or the CPU bearings. If all else fails, I have 2 back-up laptops, an iPad, a back-up iPad, a windows phone, a blackberry, and a razr(to call for help). My TV also has a browser.

11/03/13 11:52 pm

Of course, all this redundancy would be rendered useless if my modem were to fail.

GeneralDevin MN
11/04/13 1:15 am

You remind me of Dooms Day Preppers.

11/04/13 8:28 am

As long as you keep your modem waxed, you should be fine. As a bonus it'll also go faster!

Ghostreconss mars
11/03/13 11:43 pm

Have done it hundreds of times in the past (not just my own pc).

comppete Las Vegas
11/03/13 11:27 pm

90+% chance that I will fix it myself.

comppete Las Vegas
11/03/13 11:28 pm

And, I will have spare parts left over. :-)

elianastar FreeSpeech
11/03/13 11:15 pm

Yes. As long as what I do know to do works. If more complicated that restart &/or reinstall OS, repair/replace HD w/larger drive &/or check, replace, increase RAM, maybe run a defrag app or diagnostic app. Beyond that, maybe time for new puter?

GeneralDevin MN
11/04/13 1:16 am

And if all else fails reset computer to factory conditions.