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Squidboy November 3rd, 2013 7:35pm

45% of the people living in East Carroll Parish, LA collect an average of $1,492 annually in SNAP (link in comments). The avg. farmer in the same Parish receives $20,554 annually in Federal 'farm subsidies.' Eliminate 1 program:

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jvc1133 61535
11/04/13 8:24 am

Neither, it's what we have become, much worse things need to be addressed

Nizabelle Cambridge, MA
11/03/13 11:36 pm

Neither, eliminating a program can't just begone by the wave of a wand, you know?

geoag02 Dallas, TX
11/03/13 1:17 pm

Snap has a MUCH bigger budget due to there being so many people on it. However, I would prefer to see a reduction on the number of people that need it by getting them jobs instead. Don't just tell them that next month's check isn't coming.

11/03/13 12:45 pm

If I must eliminate one, farm subsidies. If these are family farms I'd prefer reform. If these are big AG Farms, definitely the farm payments

twss trump is a garbage human
11/03/13 12:43 pm

My thought on this is to eliminate the farm subsidies, if I must eliminate something. A better solution would be to reduce SNAP and the subsidies, then offer the farmer equal payment for whatever he gets for his harvest, for selling locally within...

twss trump is a garbage human
11/03/13 12:45 pm

...a certain radius. Also increase SNAP benefits for buying from a local farmer. I'm not for government interfering as much as it obviously does in this particular city, but this would hopefully be a movement toward independence for both groups.

Think Lovin Life
11/03/13 12:36 pm

Let's eliminate both, starting with Farm Subsidies!