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jakecrs905 November 2nd, 2013 7:16pm

Did/Do your parents favor one child over the others?

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MJSeals J.D.
11/03/13 10:49 am

I am the favorite because my brothers an idiot and my sister is bridzilla

11/02/13 2:57 pm

My older brother until the twins are born, then my twin sister until about we were 32. My dad had major medical issues and I had to go and handle things. At that point our relationship changed and he tarted me as an adult. Sis and bro never did

11/02/13 1:55 pm

yes, athough they would never admit it

MJSeals J.D.
11/02/13 8:02 pm

Why do I have a feeling it is not you

MJSeals J.D.
11/03/13 10:48 am

Jessie I think you posted this im the wrong thread

MJSeals J.D.
11/03/13 5:33 pm

It's ok, just wanted you to get you comment to the right person

jesseawesomenes hi
11/02/13 5:45 pm

Answer your question silly. You didn't do anything wrong

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
11/02/13 5:47 pm

Yeah my parents play the favorites game.

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
11/02/13 5:54 pm

Sadly no, my mom is for my brother and my dad is for my sister.

jesseawesomenes hi
11/02/13 6:07 pm

Aww, how old r they?

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
11/02/13 6:10 pm

My brother is 81 years younger than me and my sister is 86 years younger.

jesseawesomenes hi
11/02/13 6:24 pm

Is it that "are you 95" joke

jesseawesomenes hi
11/02/13 6:30 pm

So one is 14 and the other 9?

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
11/02/13 6:32 pm

They might be.

jesseawesomenes hi
11/02/13 6:43 pm

Good night, thanks4 exhausting me

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
11/02/13 6:44 pm

Ok good night.

jesseawesomenes hi
11/03/13 6:30 am

If I have upset u Jake, I am very sorry ;(

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
11/03/13 6:38 am

Why would you have upset me it takes a lot to get to me as most my followers already know.

jesseawesomenes hi
11/03/13 6:46 am

Idk, maybe because u don't follow me anymore. Btw, you're sibling are that age, right?

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
11/03/13 8:33 am

I don't think I ever followed you did I?

jesseawesomenes hi
11/02/13 1:29 pm

She likes my sister better or me better, it depends on the day

tash97 viva la vida
11/02/13 1:26 pm

My parents love us equally but me and my sister are always fighting for the attention

JKL622 ohio
11/02/13 1:23 pm

They loved us equally. Even though she's a brat! :)

susanr Colorado
11/02/13 12:28 pm

No. I have one brother; they didn't favor either of us.

JeremeFree California
11/02/13 12:26 pm

Still do.... And I'm coming up on 30.

11/02/13 12:17 pm

We are grown and they still do.