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impeachtheman November 2nd, 2013 3:09pm

Now this is to everyone that rents a house/apartment! Do you plan on purchasing a home in the next 2-3 years while the housing market is still a buyers market? And why or why not have you purchased a home yet? And if your a home owner now hit Like!

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Rob Be Safe Be Smart
11/02/13 1:45 pm

I don't live in the state id want to own a home in.

icytoes the tepid north
11/02/13 10:30 am

We haven't purchased yet because we had either a down payment OR money squirreled away for emergencies. We insist on having both before taking the plunge. Our savings schedule will be increasing exponentially after our vacation in February.

impeachtheman Top Secret
11/02/13 10:36 am

My brother in law lives in anchorage out there and is trying to buy land north of there to build a house! I want to visit one day!

impeachtheman Top Secret
11/02/13 12:17 pm

Idk ill have to ask him. Ge was laid off before the shutdown. He was a State Park tour guide for the Yukon Group!

Dannysgirl618 Minot AFB
11/02/13 10:23 am

We do not want to buy a house out here in ND because we want to be getting back to Cali or Florida soon. Hopefully that happens.

mikeey1962 on SOH where else
11/02/13 9:33 am

Just cause I am a home owner, doesn't mean I have to like it.. LoL.. But did cause I don't want to fight.. LOL..

susanr Colorado
11/02/13 8:49 am

No. I don't have enough money now, and never will. I did own a house years ago but gave it away when I moved to go to grad school.

fixitlater My Life
11/02/13 8:23 am

I am on my second house I have owned. The first was good when we got it but quickly ran out of space and figured out the most important thing about buying a house is the school district.

Emily33 North Carolina
11/02/13 8:14 am

I have moved several times in the last two years and I have no idea where I'll be a few years from now. That's why I haven't bought a house :) Apartments are easier at this point in my life.

impeachtheman Top Secret
11/02/13 8:10 am

Myself included I have been saving for a home for a couple years now and will buy in a year