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ant07 AL
11/09/13 2:59 pm

Not in college but I'm sure I did in high school and middle school.

11/06/13 7:24 pm

I threw a tiny tiny piece of paper to my friend, apparently she wasn't my friend or else she wouldn't have told. Like this message if you agree a true friend would have either gave the answer and not told or not give an answer and not told!

11/06/13 7:21 pm

Not a quiz, but a TEST (5th grade)

11/05/13 7:06 pm

I have not cheated on a test. But I have cheated on hundreds of quizzes.

DrDollylonglegs in the lab... again
11/04/13 5:28 pm

One time I didn't know the answer on a middle school vocabulary test so I peeked at my friend's answer. I immediately felt SO GUILTY that I purposefully changed my answer for that question to one that I knew for sure was wrong.

nyjewboy USA
11/04/13 10:13 am

Seriously...don't lie to me Maine almost every single person ever has cheated on a test at least once in their life.

nyjewboy USA
11/06/13 10:35 am

Congratulations you're exceedingly rare nowadays! Want a cookie?

ilive4Gsus formerly SoLuvedByGod
11/04/13 7:32 am



sarahcatemilly Indiana
11/04/13 6:53 am

Unbeknownst to me once I gave answers to an assignment that was supposedly homework to a kid that missed the class prior. Got reamed out for it by the jerk teacher. I'd do it again a hundred times over to spite that teacher

jtopo Istrouma
11/04/13 5:25 am

In 6th grade. And I was caught. Never again. It was the one and only time I cheated. I guess you could say I was no good at it.

madeit Houston Area
11/03/13 9:41 pm

Cheating is no fun. Acing it against a tough professor is fun!

Scrazzle Winter is Coming
11/03/13 8:33 pm

My first day of class was 2 weeks into the semester and on the first test day. Teacher had me get the answers from a couple of girls sitting next to me so that I didn't start out with a bad grade. That was the only time.

Ivyra Earth
11/03/13 7:41 pm

Yes, I've cheated on a few

Obroni Utah
11/03/13 4:32 pm

No, I have never cheated. I never really needed to cheat, as I have always earned good grades with my own hard work. And to those who accuse me and others of lying because we say we never cheated, I feel bad for you. It is possible to get good grades 100% honestly.

11/03/13 12:24 pm

Did they steal? I would give them a lesser charge, but charge them with theft / dishonor / dishonesty, I would.

deathvalley Chicago native
11/03/13 9:07 am

The constitution test senior year.
We barely breezed over it and I'm sorry but I passed it in 8th grade, why again????

BlkDth here
11/03/13 7:52 am

Never did personally I'd b the smart one that would help the others (not that I was smart just would actually pay attention and study) I know some people who wouldn't of passed some classes if not for my "Help" (stupid classes though like music and stuff)

11/03/13 7:39 am

Really? That many people cheat? I did the opposite, learned the subject, then took the test. I love taking tests!

DailyAtheist Religious polls
11/03/13 2:25 am

Usually I am helping others cheat by giving them the answers.

mynewipad north of southern calif
11/03/13 1:07 am

The next poll question should have been, " ever lied to a poll question?"

11/03/13 1:05 am

Yeah, once. It was a geography test where we had to name all the states on a map. I tried to write them all on my hand, as if my hand were the map. Pretty indecipherable to begin with, but the. I got so nervous my hand started sweating,

11/03/13 1:06 am

Plus I was afraid to look at it, so could only manage quick glimpses. Ended up with a 50% on the test, never cheated again.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
11/02/13 8:05 pm

I'm fairly certain others copied off of me. It would be foolish to copy off of others. If I didn't know the answer them you can bet they didn't know it either.

Char2 California
11/02/13 6:05 pm

not on test, but on homework

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
11/02/13 5:59 pm

Never on a test, I was a smart student so the risks outweighed the potential benefits. I copied homework all the time though, that's a little bit more of a gray area though.

darthnordic Millington, TN
11/02/13 5:35 pm

Wow 34% of America is lying. Remember, even a quick cursory glance somewhere your eyes shouldn't be counts. U are telling me that there exists a person who finished school without once ever having had a single glance at a classmate's paper? I CALL BS

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
11/02/13 8:08 pm

Ur correct, 34% is probably too high, but at least 10% of us never cheated because if we didn't know the answer then there is no way anyone else did.

ishady 86451132020
11/02/13 5:26 pm

Had a calculator watch in high school. Got me through many a math test. Probably why I suck at math today.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
11/02/13 5:49 pm

Depends. I'm good at math but bad at arithmetic.

ScrewU Gone
11/02/13 4:29 pm

I said no, but then I remembered we used a system in Marine boot camp to get the "less smart" guys through the written test.

ScrewU Gone
11/02/13 4:31 pm

The proctor would read each question out loud, and after filling in the bubble the guys who knew the answer would set their hand on a corner of the desk (top left for "A," etc) and the other guys would fill in theirs. Worked like a charm.

11/03/13 1:07 am

The proud. The few. The dishonest.

rj1207 Michigan
11/02/13 4:28 pm

In HS, a teacher was sick on test day so we had a substitute. The sub was an old guy who wandered out of the room during the test. The ENTIRE class cheated, except the one girl who told the teacher when he came back.

rj1207 Michigan
11/02/13 4:29 pm

The whole class had to retake the test, and everyone still passed. So we were not punished.

megomez712 Vagabond
11/02/13 4:21 pm

I'd just like to give a shout out to the girl that sat to my right junior yr in US History! Thank you for always acing your tests!

sailrealvty Downtown
11/02/13 3:37 pm

Not that I recall. I wouldn't even help a friend cheat - total geek or lousy friend?

If you cheat; it's yourself who loses out caught or not.

susanr Colorado
11/02/13 2:36 pm

I am REALLY disgusted with the number of people calling other people liars in these comments, & the way some of them are doing it. Just because you cheated that doesn't mean *everybody else* did. Worthy of unfollowing all of you, in my opinion.

susanr Colorado
11/02/13 2:38 pm

{bracing for any incoming "it's just a joke," "you people are too sensitive," "chill out," "simmer" comments from people who think that sort of thing is funny}

ScrewU Gone
11/02/13 4:33 pm

"it's just a joke," "you people are too sensitive," "chill out," "simmer" dude.

angstanon San Diego, CA
11/02/13 2:33 pm

34% are cheating on this poll.

11/02/13 1:49 pm

Never needed to

11/02/13 1:36 pm

Yes, I've actually finished a test and then passed it over to my friend for him to copy. I felt bad because he was too high to remember anything we talked about in class lol. At least I didn't have to pay the next time we smoked :)

dudley northern Virginia woods
11/02/13 1:12 pm

Not exactly I used someone's test to test for a make-up test which was oral and he gave me the same test! Only good grade I got all semester ( microbiology-ugh) .

11/02/13 1:02 pm

EVERYONE has cheated atleast once through their life in school. Dont tell me you havent looked at another persons paper or looked at your notes atleast once. Scotty is right bunch of liars

11/02/13 1:38 pm

Sorry, I have never cheated on a test. But I have made up for that in other ways...

MachoMatt84 Mountain climbing
11/02/13 4:01 pm

I've never needed, nor wanted, to cheat. Pass or fail, I felt it was important and fun to see where my education level was accurately. Cheating would result in a false sense of how knowledgeable I was

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
11/02/13 12:41 pm

There is no need to cheat if you can do the work.

11/03/13 10:27 pm

Helping others cheat qualifies as cheating.

Also.. Plenty of people have the "oh shit" moment when they see the test and forget everything they've studied.
Get off your high horse.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
11/04/13 6:41 pm

I have never needed to cheat. Even with ADHD and learning challenges my superior IQ have somehow helped me through ;-). Just razzing you a bit now. But it is the truth.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
11/04/13 6:46 pm

We love the short semesters here in the USA. Overseas we committed to a subject for a whole year and wrote multiple 4 hour papers back to back on a whole years worth of work. Here my wife got straight 4.0 for everything she has studied. EVERYTHING.

rnm Illinois
11/02/13 11:54 am

The only class I really needed to cheat as math but I didn't because I still needed to show my work

Princess Kentucky
11/02/13 3:15 pm

The reason I passed math was cause of showing my work even though I would BS it all it still looked like it might have known what I was doing

akrealist a log cabin in the woods
11/02/13 11:51 am

(Sigh)...whenever this question comes up, non-cheaters are called liars, and cheaters rally in their cheater-ness. Really folks, I have't cheated on a test. Ever. Haven't done any illegal drugs either. Oh I have erred in my ways, just not this way.

Minyanko Tumblr
11/02/13 3:50 pm

Same. . .

ScrewU Gone
11/02/13 4:35 pm

Ditto. Except this one time in Germany.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/02/13 11:50 am

when I was a kid I did. And what's funny is, the person who I cheated off (which was like 3 questions because I honestly didn't know) they got them wrong. the rest I did on my own. She caught me the third time I did it. lol so I was on my own. but in the end, karma got me back. I failed ha ha

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/02/13 11:51 am

I had to take it over, I honestly studied it, and got the same answers wrong LMAO

peacefullife Land of Moss
11/02/13 11:38 am

Held my Latin book open on my lap covered by my coat.

Princess Kentucky
11/02/13 1:42 pm

Omg I did too during my freshman year of Latin!

ryanwg24 Pennsylvania
11/02/13 11:13 am

65% of people have cheated on a test, and 35% of people are liars

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
11/02/13 10:54 am

My senior year of math was a group effort. We were in a split pre-calc/calc class and the teacher spent more time with the pre-calc kids, so those of us in calculus did our assignments and tests together.

SomeDays Atlanta
11/02/13 10:50 am

I've looked at other people's test to see if we had the same answer, but I don't think I've ever actually changed my answers based on someone else's. I just like knowing what someone else thought.

11/02/13 10:46 am

Liar, liar, pants on fire! :-)

icytoes the tepid north
11/02/13 10:35 am

I can't remember a time, but I think that high school me would have, so I said yes

xx116xx Christian. Unashamed.
11/02/13 10:26 am

I probably do it every day, I just don't notice it anymore.

11/02/13 10:25 am

It wasn't exactly cheating. I just looked at my neighbor's test to see how my answers compared to hers.