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Do the Dark Knight Batman movies carry more of a liberal or a conservative political message?

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JackJewsburyFTW Oregon
07/27/12 1:56 pm

Do we really care? We just came to see fist fights and explosions!

07/26/12 5:16 pm

To those that think the movies have no message, watch batman begins while thinking about it. The first half an hour has something like 25 references to liberal and conservative views.

07/26/12 5:08 pm

The first one was all liberal. Bruce Wayne thinks like a conservative until Rachel changes the way he sees the world. I don't remember much liberal or conservative messages from dark knight. I'm still trying to see dark knight rises.

07/26/12 12:59 pm

Batman is a rich guy that does a better job than the government, and he leaves people alone if they're not hurting anyone. Sounds like a Libertarian to me.

brisket Illinois
07/24/12 8:36 am

It is a movie made by liberal Hollywood

07/23/12 12:39 pm

Who cares? Let's all agree it was a great movie(s). Jez, what a waste of a question.

07/23/12 11:49 am

by using there phones I meant in the scene in the dark knight where batman used everyones phones in Gotham as a echolocation type device to find the joker, Morgan freemans like "we can't do that, invasion of privacy" with batman more or less saying "it's for the good of the people"

07/23/12 11:47 am

they used peoples phones against there will (phone tapping), and kidnapped someone from their own country an brought back to America against there will. Conservative through and through.

FakeSound Arizona
07/23/12 8:51 am

It depends, I think. The messages aren't at all politicized and can be quite universal. I find the message not unlike the message of Dune: be wary of "saviors."

07/23/12 7:03 am

Dems: uh yeah...something like that...l mean, the Director has said the movies are a reflexion of modern politics, but hey, what does he know...Nolan is an IDIOT! He didn't even know he was making a "French revolution" movie! He should have asked you! ...but limbaugh is the idiot... Idiot.

demsocat California
07/23/12 6:51 am

Neither. The fact that it uses a french revolution theme for a lot of the movie is the most politics involved. Rush Limbaugh is an idiot as always

KommsWife Indiana
07/23/12 5:55 am

How do so many people say its a liberal message? The bad guys are almost 1 for 1 a parody of Occupy wall street. The good guy is the rich guy and the cops...?!?!?!

07/23/12 5:20 am

75th: I don't know! Did the top stop spinning?

07/22/12 10:26 pm

The real question is this. Did Alfred really see Wayne at the end?

NJConserve New Jersey
07/22/12 9:11 pm

The evil guys says the same exact thing Obama does... Bane=Obama

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/22/12 7:21 pm

Bain vs bane. It's a stupid concept. And there's no correlation.

nFavOfSecess Texas
07/22/12 7:19 pm

Was only repeating what was said.
I'm not a fan.

07/22/12 6:53 pm

The definition of bane is killer, slayer, poison, destruction, woe, death. Rush was not just grasping at straws, he is monumentally stupid!

07/22/12 6:47 pm

Limbaugh is a blathering douche.

All4RPaul Texas
07/22/12 6:45 pm

holy blabber always seems to be blabbering out of her stupid asss. she's only looking for attention. yawn

All4RPaul Texas
07/22/12 6:42 pm

limbaugh says liberals. hahahaha

07/22/12 6:00 pm

I'm with clan: liberal or it. Its a GREAT movie

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/22/12 2:40 pm

HolyBabble...respect....HolyBabble...respect.... Is this more sarcasm because those two things haven't meshed together before

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/22/12 2:16 pm

The victims wounded were not able to finish seeing this movie. The victims killed will never be able to finish seeing this movie.

Out of respect for the dead.... I will not see this movie.

yoodle Texas
07/22/12 12:28 pm

Bain really just wanted kill people and used his messages as just a way to ignite hatred people already had.

07/22/12 11:36 am

Sox: just cause you're not looking for it doesn't mean it's not there. That's the beauty of these movies. They're great on the surface level, but those who like to analyze and treat it as art, can. That's why avatar sucked other than as a special fx milestone. It shoved it down your throat. Mindless

StNik North Carolina
07/22/12 8:36 am

Conservative. Batman is like the USA- rich and obnoxious but burdened with the desire for justice.

Even if Batman believes in Harvey Dent(the UN) he will always be necessary.

07/22/12 8:24 am

I really don't give a flying fart about the message per say..I just hate it when they get preachy like Avatar or Happy feet

07/22/12 8:01 am

I think batman may be more so conservative.
It's a rich man's "vigilante justice" when the public protectors fail to do there job.. Idunno..

07/22/12 7:55 am

There's no such thing as "just a movie," because every creative work- movie, music, anything- reflects something about the real world in some way.
It is impossible to create some work of art that doesn't say something about the artist and the society they live in.

07/22/12 7:51 am

The criminal gangs were clearly the OWS nut jobs. The city fell into ruin after the 1% were killed off.
Seems pretty clear to me.

Soxfan824 Jesus was a liberal
07/22/12 7:20 am

This is a dumb question-why do we need to look for political messages in everything? It is a comic book fantasy about a crime fighting superhero with cool toys. Good triumphs over evil is a universal message, not one exclusive to liberals or conservatives!

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/22/12 6:14 am

Malek you are right. I forgot they tied him with poison ivy as a heavy weight dumb dumb. Batman and Robin is like Halley Berry's Catwoman.... We like to forget that Batman & Robin happened. As a courtesy as a Batman fan let's forget that movie! :P :)

Malekithe We have assumed control
07/22/12 4:35 am

Bane was done before
Batman & Robin (1997)

Nerdz Texas
07/22/12 1:41 am

To me it is obviously liberal

07/22/12 12:16 am

Anarchy = bad is the message of Batman, so I would say conservative.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/21/12 11:35 pm

isn't so popular that everyone would criticize Nolan if his history was tweaked a little. It wasn't tweaked very much and he stayed pretty true to form with Bane. To think Bane was selected for political purposes is a Top Notch Piss Poor Conspiracy Theory and as a Comic Book Nerd I am offended. :)

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/21/12 11:34 pm

As for the Bane/Bain thing, that just pisses me off. Rush is entertaining, but iis reaching so far here. A 1993 character that was created as the only man to "Break the Batman" is a perfect character for this series. Unlike Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Joker, and Two Face he hasn't been done before and

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/21/12 11:33 pm

a strict law. It made us think a lot about the immigration law debate in Arizona.

RogueMom In a Hand Basket
07/21/12 11:32 pm

Having watched it, and without giving spoilers, I thought there were more conservative-friendly underlining messages.
1) The 1%/Corps are people too.
2) When Corps faultier financially it's charities (thus society) suffers
3) Pro-Gun
4) A law implemented that "oppresses" criminals by enforcing

07/21/12 11:06 pm

Batman's methods are conservative (except for his liberal no-kill policy), but he admits that his way is only temporary, and someone like Harvey Dent is the permanent solution. So I guess more liberal, but seriously, it's a superhero movie. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

07/21/12 10:08 pm

This is the stupidest question ever asked on this ap!

mixhead Oregon
07/21/12 9:59 pm

If anything, Batman is competing against the police force in regards to services on safety using "force". So I would say it leans towards a more free-market conservatism. Otherwise what he is doing is extremely illegal in the real world where there are local and federal monopolies on those services.

07/21/12 9:03 pm

Who the heck is trying to turn this into a political issue? It's a movie for Pete's sake! Neither choice!