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Show Of Hands November 24th, 2012 12:00am

A good friend calls you: "I don't have time to explain, but I need your help getting rid of a body." Do you help?

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tdaddy Kentucky
12/02/12 12:12 am

Sheeeesh! No wonder Investigation Discovery is so gosh darn popular!!! 23% percent of us are willing to help get rid of a body!! Duh!!!!! Does this mean I need to keep a watchful eye on those two family members who won't take it off that blasted channel???

Victrino New Jersey
12/01/12 7:01 pm

I agree. I'd totally need an explanation if I were to help.

11/30/12 7:08 am

Hell no! 911 will be the next number I dial.

kywrite augusta, ga
11/30/12 1:08 am

I trust my friends with my life. I would trust them in this situation too. But I would expect an explanation.

11/28/12 9:38 pm

someone calls me for help to hide a body is crazy cause I'm callin the cops

11/28/12 2:46 pm

"Good friend" is different than best friend

Vegito California
11/27/12 4:34 pm

I would stand there, motionless.

valeriejo ramble on
11/27/12 8:13 am

I don't have a friend that I'm that close to that I would trust and help - no questions asked.. Now if it was my husband, child, brother or mother.. I'd see what I could do

mac007 Mars
11/27/12 2:12 am

No because I'm the one who always needs help getting rid of a body. Bada bing bada boom! ????????????????????

Mister CA
11/26/12 11:58 pm

Sure! So long as I can get fifteen minutes alone with her, before we dig.

fotoguy Florida
11/26/12 9:17 pm

Didn't this question pop up a few months ago on SOH? I'm pretty sure it did.

11/26/12 9:16 pm

The real question here is why the hell my friend is even asking me to do that.
If you had the guts to kill someone, then you better have a disposal plan.

Or just watch more Dexter.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
11/26/12 7:21 pm

We're talking about the neighbor's dog, right?

supersammy Arizona
11/26/12 6:49 pm

Trust me, no one that knows me well enough to be considered a "friend" would ever ask me that. Most of my friends and family think I should become a prosecutor. I didn't spend all these years as a goody goody to fall off the deep end and get charged with accessory to a murder!

nicoolio Oregon
11/26/12 5:33 pm

Can this poll be used against me?....

krayzewolf New Hampshire
11/26/12 3:52 pm

You're a bad friend.

marcnate Michigan
11/26/12 12:45 pm

Real friends don't let friend become accomplices.

11/26/12 11:56 am

Im a great friend but would never help hide a body... Not even for one of my children. As a friend, I would help clear things up if there is a legitimate reason.... Otherwise, if shady circumstances, that is not a person I want as my friend.

Abolitionist Voice of the people
11/26/12 11:55 am

If its a good friend, you would know what was going on. But either way, no. I'm not risking my freedom for anyone but my son.

EarlyBird Portland
11/26/12 11:25 am

Yeah, I noticed the high percentage of DC people willing to help hide bodies.

EarlyBird Portland
11/26/12 11:08 am

It's one of the reasons I love this app.
I'm sometimes blown away by the answers!

forte6627 Ugh
11/26/12 10:33 am

Yeah I would probably help

ladyniner81 I hate people
11/26/12 7:35 am

I'm sure they're being a smartass, but I'm a curious little shit, and HAVE to find out, and how, and why..

11/26/12 6:57 am

Earlybird: Oh, ok. Sure. Tell him to get the duffel bag, I'll get the concrete and we'll meet at the lake house. :-)

11/26/12 6:09 am

If one of MY friends says that, it's probably something harmless and they're making a joke

11/26/12 4:34 am

Being a true friend is helping a friend with disposing of a body, without knowing the story behind it? A true friend wouldn't ask you to put your life on the line without explaining everything.

njlxguy New Jersey
11/26/12 4:31 am

Most people feel more comfortable asking educated strangers to get rid of the body. If you don't belive me , just ask an abortion doctor!

11/26/12 4:18 am

Your true friends will help you hide the bodies.

moonshot More often I know nothing
11/26/12 3:07 am

Not only do I not help, but I would immediately hang up and call the police. I wouldn't even give it a second thought.

uglyfemme Colorado Springs
11/26/12 2:31 am

Of course men are the ones to say yes and yet we let them run the government :/

satiricalnick meh
11/25/12 11:54 pm

Id say: "bro, just get a plastic tank and dissolve the body in hydrochloric acid, you dont need my help for that!"

11/25/12 11:09 pm

If your kid kills his/her spouse, would you try to help cover up the murder? I was surprised when my MIL answered "yes".

MiKEY2012 Florida
11/25/12 10:44 pm

Willing to help bury a rightie!! Anytime

MiKEY2012 Florida
11/25/12 10:43 pm

Heck yea. Always willing to lend a helping hand!! ????????????????????????

11/25/12 10:43 pm

If you need help hiding a body, you better dig two graves.

11/25/12 10:36 pm

That was my first thought!

FastFusion nj
11/25/12 10:02 pm

If you can put yourself in a position of body disposal emergency, do it alone.

flyberg Northern Kentucky
11/25/12 9:34 pm

If you can ask me to do that, you damn well have time to explain.


11/25/12 9:26 pm

stop generalizing

Burned Missouri
11/25/12 9:15 pm

I hope its more of a moral drive than prison. You can run from cops but not morality

MrWolfe Nashville
11/25/12 9:15 pm

Amazed by the 23% who said 'yes!'

Burned Missouri
11/25/12 9:14 pm

Of coarse the democrats are the ones who said "yes" the most. Hahah and they want big government? I will understand women before i understand a democrat

11/25/12 8:52 pm

Didn't we have this question a few months back? My answer is still no. If it was self defense there would be no need to hide it. So this tells me it's murder in which case I don't want to be involved.

11/25/12 8:50 pm

No one ever thinks of a fresh grave.. That's where I think Drew Peterson hide his wife's body.