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WillametteKevin November 1st, 2013 4:49pm

If you are a retail owner/manager, do you require that your cashiers count change back to your customers? Why/why not?

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garybababooey Nevada
11/01/13 9:18 pm

It sends a message to the customer that this is an honest business.

WillametteKevin Mossopolis
11/01/13 9:23 pm

I agree. There needs to be more businesses that believe that

XercesBlue ...
11/01/13 11:01 am

I am not, but worked as a cashier for many years. Counting back reduces errors, ensures that you and the costumer are on the right page (which reduces conflict over miscalculations and increases confidence/memory of transaction), and is easy to see

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/01/13 10:43 am

I'm not, but if I was, I would. It is likely to help catch the inevitable human errors, grabbing a quarter instead of a nickel, or a $1 instead of a $5, etc.

WillametteKevin Mossopolis
11/01/13 10:48 am

I totally agree. I remember my first retail job owner was a stickler for counting change back. People actually thanked me for counting their change. I now do the same. People should be complemented for good behavior like that.