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Jack14 November 1st, 2013 3:42pm

In the early civil rights movement, there were two main viewpoints. Booker T Washington said blacks needed to earn their way into society. WEB Du Bois believed blacks should be treated as equals immediately. Who was right?

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nightcrow44 the dark side
11/02/13 6:08 pm

People should be treated equally immediately, however, in American society immigrates had to earn their way into society, back in Booker T.Washington's day and I think that's where he was getting at not that any person was inferior ...

nightcrow44 the dark side
11/02/13 6:09 pm

That being said African Americans more than payed their dues into society ... Too bad there was so much racism in this country hatred is so wrong

susanr Colorado
11/01/13 10:05 pm

Assuming those are accurate statements, DuBois is correct. NO citizen has to *earn* civil rights.

Torfin Never Behind
11/01/13 5:25 pm

Treated as equals and EXPECTED TO PERFORM as equals.

dudley northern Virginia woods
11/01/13 5:09 pm

I can't see too much discrepancy between the two. Equality, like respect, is earned. So I hold with Booker T.

MissPresident California
11/01/13 3:00 pm

That's not entirely true. Booker T. rather motivated the Blacks to educate themselves to show the white men that they were no different. He didn't really say that they needed to earn it.

Jack14 Massachusetts
11/01/13 4:39 pm

Thats not what he told the white community.

MissPresident California
11/01/13 4:51 pm

He was talking to the black people not the white

Jack14 Massachusetts
11/01/13 5:09 pm

I'll send you an article that proves my point but it was a hard copy so ill see if i can find it online.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
11/01/13 1:32 pm

Neither. "Blacks" like any other group should be judged as individuals.

elianastar FreeSpeech
11/01/13 11:53 am

In ideal Utopia-world, DuBois. In real world under conditions @time, factoring human nature & how society operated to that point, Booker. Ppl simply cannot change worldview on a dime. Unfair as it may be, *both* sides need to adapt to new paradigm.

XercesBlue ...
11/01/13 11:21 am

Great question!

11/01/13 9:55 am

I tend to sympathize with WEB Du Bois. Human rights and human dignity are inherently part of being human. Not only should it have been immediately granted, it should never have been violated. He also recognized the value of the classics; that all great art transcends petty distinctions to become

11/01/13 9:56 am

an ennobling legacy and inheritance for all mankind. Mr. Du Bois was a champion for ALL of humanity.

Jack14 Massachusetts
11/01/13 11:41 am

Yes I agree!

swjboucher Just Run
11/01/13 9:19 am

Ya like the French know anything about earning their way. Lol

Ebola1 Florida
11/01/13 9:16 am

Booker T., because nobody recognizes your legitimacy until you earn it.

Jack14 Massachusetts
11/01/13 9:22 am

He was talking about earning your rights more than earning respect.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/01/13 9:43 am

That's like asking the government pretty please can we have the first amendment back? As opposed to "that's our right!"

Ebola1 Florida
11/01/13 10:07 am

I agree with both but I'm talking about reality.