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Do you care about where the President takes vacation?

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09/04/11 4:40 pm

i hope he goes to ciudad juarez

09/03/11 9:47 am

kandykane...I call them "america's tax payers" !

09/03/11 9:46 am

I care about the frequency when our country is going down the tubes on his watch

08/29/11 9:08 pm

Umm yeahh! He shouldn't even be takinn them! He's terrible for takinn thousands of vacations!

cjclove Washington
08/29/11 12:33 am

Of course i fucking care!! Tax payees money goin to waste.

kandykane California
08/28/11 10:19 am

I call these people that actually care "america's nosy neighbors".

08/27/11 12:25 am

No,I care about how long he is on vacation

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/25/11 11:09 pm

Ok, this was funny on Jon Stewart: we finally got a black president, and our credit score went down!

PresidentDonald Washington D.C.
08/25/11 9:49 pm

Ready sir: its way hard if a job... You dont understand.

08/25/11 6:30 pm

Most debt in history and hes taking a vacation.......idiots who voted for him....Fuck you.

08/25/11 12:08 am

people are hurting in America. time off, ok, but not to rub his affluence in our face

08/24/11 9:53 pm

are going up because of the new carbon standards? how about the cost of complying with new hiring standards for veterans two hundred pages of new requirements. this is just the Feds then you have state and local also. I could go on......

08/24/11 9:49 pm

it's a totally different world today, all you have to do is google it and see what is going on out there. I'm not making this up to be obstinate it's the new reality. Did 1500 businesses request waivers on the health care? have you heard how much utilities

RJ1969 SoCal
08/24/11 9:31 pm

material costs, operating expenses, and especially how much business would be walking through the door. Worrying about fixed costs over variable costs is silly. I know what to expect with the former, the later is the source of uncertainty.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/24/11 9:29 pm

I have managed businesses prior to college. no where in my 5 year business plan was I worried about a BBA or what "costs I"ll have to absorb" from federal spending. utter nonsense.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/24/11 9:26 pm

my "blind allegiance to Obama"....that's funny! If you knew how much money I spent in the campaign against him I bet you'd think differently.

cassie Texas
08/24/11 2:05 pm

I don't care where he goes, just as long as he never comes back lol

08/24/11 12:43 pm

your blind allegiance to Obama has blinded you to what is really going on! check this out for your self!

08/24/11 12:41 pm

as you did below check it all out for yourself. it's very easy to find if you just look at it through the eyes of someone wanting to start up a business. No one says we don't need regs,

08/24/11 12:37 pm

Since Obama thinks have gone into hyper-drive from the standard regulatory issues documenting employees, taxes and now the huge unknown of Health Care. Last year over 1500 businesses applied for and got a waiver. the cost was prohibitive for them. Instead of going off to never never land

08/24/11 12:31 pm

RJ1069; first it's obvious that you have never started a business or been responsible for one. creating a 5 year business plan requires an educated guess about probable costs over that 5 year plan. if everything pertaining to one part of your business model is an unknown, good luck getting a loan!

08/24/11 12:01 am

Another question that should have not been asked (or is that just me again?)

08/23/11 10:15 pm

honestly, i wonder if Obama said the earth was flat if the democrats would blindly believe that too.

08/23/11 10:12 pm

Obama is doing what he's done since the election. blame everyone else and play golf. he had a supermajority and did nothing for jobs! I suppose that's the republicans fault too.

08/23/11 10:10 pm

American- what are you smoking? Obama has done NOTHING to create jobs. the guy is a SOCIALIST! do you feel stupid because you voted for the guy and now blindly refuse to admit your mistake or something?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/23/11 9:44 pm

Is this modeled on Somalia, with their non-existent regulations and low, low taxes?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/23/11 9:44 pm

Hopefully the magical street lights that power themselves will stay on too. But with that tremendous peace of mind that we have had since....well, for well over a century now...that's going to kick in a new era of prosperity.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/23/11 9:43 pm

Are they going with private security and fires services next? Will they all pay for their own court system for business issues and contract disputes?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/23/11 9:42 pm

are the small and large business going to start spending money to build roads to their businesses? How about a power grid? Sewers and sanitation? How about fiber-optic cables for Internet? Are they going to start sending up their own satellites too?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/23/11 9:40 pm

Ohhh! A BBA is supposedly going to let small and large businesses know that they won't have to absorb more costs. That will drive increased demand. Wow, amazing that I haven't heard that from economists.

GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 9:38 pm

it's cool, jopat. the first comment needed ellaboration!

Ranks New Jersey
08/23/11 9:29 pm

I don't care...just as long as he stays away from Bush's Record for Vacation Days as President.

08/23/11 9:16 pm

got it I thought I was missing something! thanks for clearing it up for this dummy. by the way I agree with you who cares?

GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 8:57 pm

@jopat. not that I know of. It was an attempt at sarcasm as I point out the irony of political parties doing a 180 on the topic every time the white house changes hands. Four years ago it was the dems complaining about GW vacationing too often at his TX ranch.

08/23/11 8:50 pm

yes cuz I'm 2 close 2 marthas vineyard

08/23/11 8:39 pm

Obama has a ranch in Texas?

GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 8:34 pm

as long as it's not on his Texas ranch...

08/23/11 8:28 pm

I bet part of his highly secret jobs plan will be built around a huge stimulus of some kind. anyone want to bet?

08/23/11 8:25 pm

hopefully permanent very soon!

BMac Oregon
08/23/11 8:21 pm

Everyone deserves a vacation... even the president.

08/23/11 6:34 pm

Rj; you are a partisan hack! the one thing I have said is that I didn't like the spending under Bush either so as a result of Bush and Obama you get the TEA PARTY! think I just heard your crappy rant on a RSS broadcast

08/23/11 4:21 pm

I'll explain it. A CCB amendment will let small business ( and large) know that there will be no more useless spending by DC that they will be required to absorb. It's called a five year business plan.

RJ1969 SoCal
08/23/11 2:56 pm

Can you explain how a CCB strategy is going to create jobs for us please?

RJ1969 SoCal
08/23/11 2:56 pm

Awww. how said. that mean old Harry! it's not like the repubs could have instituted the CCB during the Bush years. But, was never brought up. Instead, just spend, spend, spend. Who said "deficits don't matter" again?

08/23/11 8:40 am

When a proposed bill goes to the senate Harry either tables it or won't let it on the floor for a vote. I think it's great to say things but at least be realistic please......

08/23/11 8:37 am

American; ever heard of Cut, Cap and Balance act, Plan for Americas Job Creators? Those are just two jobs plans. Since the previous congress didn't have a budget for 840 days they have been busy trying to rein in this ridicules spending.

08/23/11 6:09 am

As long as Obummer stays on vacation, I'm all for it!

jordan New York
08/23/11 5:06 am

I don't care where. I care about when.