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NDAmerican October 30th, 2013 9:37pm

I guess I'll join in on the peer pressure as well, do you believe you are generally more liberal or conservative then me?

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10/30/13 3:17 pm

I'm generally more liberal than most Americans. This summer in Europe I had the unusual experience of being regarded as a conservative.

skinner Wisconsin
10/30/13 6:53 pm

That's only because Europe is pretty much the tea party times -3

MJSeals J.D.
10/30/13 2:47 pm

I'm generally more conservative than most

skinner Wisconsin
10/30/13 2:42 pm

What's your view on the minimum wage?

NDAmerican Florida
10/30/13 2:50 pm

On the broad spectrum I don't believe it should be raised due to its economic impact on small businesses and the realization that it's only a short term answer, it's better to adjust inflation. Personally I don't believe in the minimum wage because

NDAmerican Florida
10/30/13 2:52 pm

Allows corporations to be able to pay the bare minimum, it used to be bargained before hand about what you did for the company, how good you did it, and how bad you needed it. And usually adjusting to inflation most companies paid more.

Rocker saved by grace
10/30/13 2:38 pm

I don't know about all your beliefs.

NDAmerican Florida
10/30/13 2:54 pm

Wel are you traditionally more conservative or liberal, because I'm a strict constitutionalist who believes in a very limited and effective gov. I support defending the individual liberties of the people, the environment, I am completely 100% support

NDAmerican Florida
10/30/13 2:55 pm

Of guns, I'm a strict believer in the free market capitalism, I support the death penalty on a broad range of spectrum, a more relaxed legal code for no lethal drugs, anti NSA, pro life, and don't believe that marriage is a power of gov. And could go

NDAmerican Florida
10/30/13 2:55 pm

On for days about the economy.