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commonsense October 30th, 2013 3:12pm

Should the president and other politicians be fined for lying to the public?

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commonman1 Peace
10/31/13 4:34 am

Dang if that we're the case we wouldn't have any millionaires in congress.

Happy Hong Kong
10/30/13 11:10 pm

At $1,000 per lie we might have the national debt paid off by next Thanksgiving. ;-)

polster2 US
10/30/13 10:02 pm

No, they just shouldn't be allowed to hold public office.

cpaswr just say the letters
10/30/13 4:07 pm

Then who would run for office?

Jungle in the dog house
10/30/13 2:15 pm

They should be fined and impeached.

comppete Las Vegas
10/30/13 2:14 pm

We would make so much money from the fines, we would be able to lower taxes for the tax payers.

huskermedic Cincinnati
10/30/13 1:59 pm

It blows my mind they don't sue each other more over some of the untruths that come out of their mouth.

kilgoretrout my toes are cold.
10/30/13 1:37 pm

I can't lie on my taxes. Why should they get away with lying? They work for US. I think too many people tend to forget that.

cowboy Doors of Perception
10/30/13 1:10 pm

No. They would find a way to make public funds pay their fines.

elianastar FreeSpeech
10/30/13 12:47 pm

If PRESS & media did their JOBS lies would be exposed & action could be taken. Only reason Nixon had to resign was because TWO reporters *investigated* & paper PRINTED facts. Major media just now waking up to Benghazi story!!!

elianastar FreeSpeech
10/30/13 12:50 pm

This Admin, particularly, has been covered/protected like a philandering Kennedy. Media *maybe* gonna actually cover PP&ACA story - finally. BHO provided TONS of footage that contradicts reality & plenty of documents he KNEW he was lying to pass it.

WillametteKevin Mossopolis
10/30/13 10:48 am

At the very least, they should not be eligible for a next term.

WillametteKevin Mossopolis
10/30/13 10:49 am

Maybe they should only be able to complete their current fiscal year.

MadCow True GOP
10/30/13 10:24 am

We ALL should be fined for lying.

10/30/13 10:16 am

If they tell us a lie they can already be prosecuted. If they promise us something they cannot meet, like Bush Sr no new taxes, I cannot see how we can fine them. They should just be voted out.

aj1545 Cat Lady
10/30/13 10:14 am

Yes since we're dealing with facts. He has control over this.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
10/30/13 8:58 am

How about someone actually calls out their BS and we stop electing sociopaths.

Ebola1 Florida
10/30/13 8:51 am

It would raise more money than taxes

jonfrei the boonies
10/30/13 8:40 am

Fined? How about prosecuted...

chickencookie It really is
10/30/13 8:19 am

There wouldn't be enough money for the pay out.

dotails DotUrTsAndCrossUrEyes
10/30/13 8:18 am

Yes be more so they should be removed. They are our employees and if my employee lied to me I'd fire them.

EarlyBird Portland
10/30/13 8:17 am

As much as I'd like to vote "yes", I can't. A politician may something he believes is true at the time and something changes making him look like a liar. I lie is too hard to define in politics.

swjboucher Just Run
10/30/13 8:22 am

But why should a lie be any different in DC than in the real world? I understand the difficultly at times in proving a lie. But if proven than why not hold them accountable?

EarlyBird Portland
10/30/13 8:26 am

If there was a way to make it work, I'd be for it.