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mikeey1962 on SOH where else
10/29/13 7:47 pm

I'm lucky no one within 2 miles, I can scream all I want..... I think it helps gets oxygen into the blood stream

fixitlater My Life
10/29/13 6:32 pm

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... Okay I just pissed off Siri.

kbluebird Denial
10/29/13 4:48 pm

I could really go for a warm bowl of kitten lip stew right about now.

fixitlater My Life
10/29/13 6:31 pm

Soft and tender. You won't even need to chew.

kbluebird Denial
10/29/13 11:27 pm

Good thing; my dentures have been taking a beating from that puppy claw jambalaya.

fixitlater My Life
10/30/13 7:39 am

If you would like something with a kick and a little more salty, I can cook up some bull nut stew!

Scarlett50 Missouri
10/29/13 4:41 pm

Yes it good to let go of all those pent up feelings I am sure this is like how good I feel after a good cry. The troubles are still there but it relieves the stress and helps me face my troubles with a new outlook.

EarlyBird Portland
10/29/13 4:18 pm

Get counseling before you crack.

10/29/13 4:14 pm

Absolutely. I throw pillows when I get that frustrated. Scream as Loud as you want. No counseling required. I'm sorry, those times really suck. If you have a set of dishes you really hate it's fun to hear the crash.