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Komm October 29th, 2013 6:44pm

For 18 months, the USA had a woman acting as president. She was the wife of Woodrow Wilson, who had a debilitating stroke. It was not reported in the media then. Did the media give cover to a progressive president to "help the cause"?

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bringstheeagle Colorado
10/30/13 4:46 am

You mean Sorta like Nancy when Ronnie had Alzheimer's. Media is still not reporting that. They will in time.

EarlyBird Portland
10/29/13 4:50 pm

The media protected the president.

comppete Las Vegas
10/29/13 2:46 pm

We have a women running our government now, Valerie Jarrett. "I Don't KnowBama" is just a figurehead.

Komm No. I am your father
10/29/13 4:41 pm

Haha i was planing a series of Obama don't know nothing polls for tommorow

comppete Las Vegas
10/29/13 5:25 pm

Great, I will look forward to them.

bringstheeagle Colorado
10/30/13 5:52 am

Smartest, most informed, most articulate and knowledgable in history. Lol.

icytoes the tepid north
10/29/13 12:02 pm

I'm wondering if the media just butted the hell out back then, but I could be WAY off.

jvc1133 61535
10/29/13 11:47 am

The media is a whore to itself

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
10/29/13 11:56 am

How would the world react to Wilson being on his death bed?

Komm No. I am your father
10/29/13 12:07 pm

At least the VP would have been sworn in and perhaps we wouldn't have the federal reserve/ central banking system we have now. Not sure on the timing of that one but he did sign it into law