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moonshot More often I know nothing
10/29/13 2:14 pm

200mgs of B2 daily, for migraines. Seems to be working.

Dannysgirl618 Minot AFB
10/29/13 10:46 am

I can't stand chewable. Except for those yummy vitamin c haha

dyousif Rhode Island
10/29/13 9:55 am

Vitamin D, boring, I know.

Dannysgirl618 Minot AFB
10/29/13 9:57 am

As long as your body gets enough of everything else, I don't see a problem :)

dyousif Rhode Island
10/29/13 9:59 am

It probably doesn't, but that's what my dr told me to take after recent blood work.

Dannysgirl618 Minot AFB
10/29/13 9:54 am

I take beachbody's Activit vitamins along with fish oil, evening primrose oil and when I finish my hard workouts I take l-arginine l-ornithine supplements for my muscles xD