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Fast and Furious investigation: witch hunt or cover-up?

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GrowUp Minnesota
07/06/12 12:37 pm

Palindrome ... How about racial motivated intimidation of voters? Is that a scandal too? How about breaking the law to steal from stockholders to pay off cronies in the labor unions? How about the tens of thousands of jobs lost with lousy speculation on defunct green hypocrisies?

MrO must go!

GrowUp Minnesota
07/06/12 12:33 pm

GooglePlex ... Are you saying that Mr Holder didn't lie? He did. He also withdrew the statements he made early on because they were filled with lies that he couldn't sustain.

People died. Wake up! This doesn't compare to the washed up Valerie Plame, yet Adams demanded a prosecutor. Hypocrites.

GrowUp Minnesota
07/06/12 12:31 pm

Palindrome ... Wasn't it Princess Pelosi who funded the wars, and wasn't it the disgusting trader John Kerry who was carrying her water?

You have nothing but pathetic blame. Your boy Barry has done nothing, so you sit here and fabricate more lies about Mr Bush ... Pathetic. MrO must go!

Silent Jacksonville, FL
07/04/12 2:39 pm

Oh it is a coverup but the government should be more open about moves like this. It would make me vote for them more easily.

Googleplex Pennsylvania
07/02/12 6:35 am

You can thank Arizona s very poor gun policy b/c when the ATF tried to block purchases they couldn't because of their laws

Googleplex Pennsylvania
07/02/12 6:32 am

If you paid attention you'd realize Issa lied it didn't happen like he said

burnsey89 Louisiana
07/01/12 9:27 pm

Holder: yeah Bush's AG knew about it. Oh wait, no he didn't.


burnsey89 Louisiana
07/01/12 9:26 pm

If it was Bush, he'd be facing impeachment and racist charges for allowing 200-300 Mexicans to be killed. But with this guy, eh, so what. Let's talk about Bush and how bad he was, nvm that this guys admin let this happen and has lied about it.

MGLC New Mexico
07/01/12 8:15 pm

A little of both, but mostly a cover up.

one80 California
07/01/12 2:43 pm

Both!! We need to know the truth but I doubt we can handle the truth.

palindrome California
07/01/12 12:06 pm

I mean, are we going by the start of the 21st century or in the past 100 years? Tell you what pinky, go check Fox news and get back to me on that

palindrome California
07/01/12 12:05 pm

"this is the biggest scandal of the century!"

-faulty intelligence leading to war
-knowledge that terrorists were going to strike in America before 9/11
-the politically motivated firings of justices

NYevo NY
07/01/12 9:17 am

Unless its a real national security risk, they should release the info

07/01/12 8:53 am

Once again, if there is nothing to hide, release the paperwork and it will go away! But they can't because it will prove that they KNEW about it before they told congress they knew nothing! Dates are crucial here!

NYevo NY
07/01/12 8:32 am

@pinky: you must have a very short memory

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/01/12 7:19 am

Right on kissmyfont! Accountability all around!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
07/01/12 7:17 am

This IS the biggest scandal of the century thus far, and the Obama folks are trying to sweep it under the rug.

ProfDG I Want Truth
07/01/12 7:05 am

Wiretap applications reveal that there is a cover up going on. There's also a whistle blower involved. The evidence is mounting against Holder and the White House. It's always the cover up that gets people in trouble.

07/01/12 5:25 am

First, we have no real proof of a cover-up. Second, there is no reason this can't be both. Executive privilege is something I don't care for, but both parties support it when they're in power only to fight it when they are in the opposition. It's really stupid.

palindrome California
06/30/12 9:52 pm

Republicans and Fox told me in 2007 that I should be able to trust the government and that they're only protecting me from things I shouldn't be worried about.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/30/12 8:34 pm

According to faux news, it's a BFD. Wow. The GOP lawyer sue machine involved in another procedural BS investigation. come on. The public is done with these types of (we have control of congressional oversight so lets be assholes )Investigations.

06/30/12 1:21 pm

If its not a coverup why don't they just release the paperwork?

06/30/12 1:17 pm

Any thing that is illegal and it involves a politician or the POTUS cabinet it is a COVER UP..even if it was Iran/Contra, the bank scandal with Daddy Bush, Whitewater, Haliburton or even the Fast and Furious is a politician saving his own ass...and the public needs to call them up on it

06/30/12 10:50 am

Fox news
Fox news
Fox news
Fox news
Bullshit scandal
Sherrod n Van jones alllllll over again

IraqVet03 North Carolina
06/30/12 10:44 am

First, Saddam's regime abroad now Barack's regime at home. War never ends. Husein will protect his boy Holder at all cost. They're going to play the race card hard. Fools will fall for it. The CBC walked out on contempt vote. Someone should have locked the door afterwards. Make Nov. 6 count.

NYevo NY
06/30/12 10:02 am

@Nvr: why exactly do you think it is that we've never fully protected our border? Either one of our parties has had a majority several times over the last fee decades yet it never really seems to become a priority. Why do you think that is?

NYevo NY
06/30/12 9:57 am

All else aside, ~2000 guns leaving one state in particular each day should tell you that particular state is easy to get guns out of. Its a 1400 mile border, yet the guns are primarily leaving one state. There must be a reason for that. Having the loosest gun laws in the land is likely the reason

NYevo NY
06/30/12 9:49 am

In AZ, as long as you're 18 and have no criminal record, a customer can buy as many weapons as they want. There are no waiting periods, no permits, and the guns are allowed to be resold. Thats virtually negligent oversight. The fact that the guns in Mexico come from that state should be proof enough

06/30/12 9:14 am

NYevo; BS! This is what happens when our federal government doesn't protect the borders and actually inserts itself into criminal activity. Gee can't imagine why the state would try to protect its own citizens by passing state laws that actually would have helped the feds but hell they are part ofit

06/30/12 7:42 am

Whistleblower e mails show that DOJ tried to mislead Congress. Contempt of Congress was appropriate.

06/30/12 7:40 am

What happened to the President who promised unprecedented transparency?

From Hope to Hypocrisy.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/30/12 7:28 am

Current gun laws would have stopped this if they were followed, and if it was up to the gun stores the laws would have been followed.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/30/12 7:26 am

While I haven't heard anything official on it I suspect that the reason the ATF was ordering gun stores to proceed with these big orders of automatic weapons when the store owners did not want to was to later be able to point to all the border violence and say we need stricter gun laws.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
06/30/12 7:21 am

It was a gun store that initially brought this to the media's attention almost two years ago when the ATF ordered them to complete a sale of over 50 AK57s when the store owner called to report the buyer.

NYevo NY
06/30/12 6:37 am

And therein lies the real issue. That state is the Cartels gun supermarket. I'm glad for all the attention. That state needs to be more responsible for the violence that their "blind eye" is causing south of the border.

NYevo NY
06/30/12 6:36 am

And that is a result of their virtually non-existent gun laws. Those particular guns were bought legally by an American (would be criminal) citizen who was being watched by the Feds. The Feds were told by the prosecutors that there was not enough evidence under Arizona state laws to make an arrest.

NYevo NY
06/30/12 6:36 am

I'd guess there is a coverup, but that its merely covering up something embarrassing for the Attorney general. The death is directly related to gun smuggling that occurs daily to the tune of ~2000 guns across the Arizona border on a daily basis.

BadBadger Georgia
06/30/12 1:45 am

"WITCH a-hole authorized this idiotic scheme?"

BadBadger Georgia
06/30/12 1:43 am

fizzle, thanks for the correction. LMAO

tizzle17 North Carolina
06/30/12 1:02 am

No, it's a WITCH hunt referencing The Spanish Inquisition...or in more recent history, The Salem Witch Trials... A Witch Hunt looks for someone to persecute when there is no real crime.

BadBadger Georgia
06/29/12 11:53 pm

It's a WHICH hunt, as in, "Which a-hole authorized this idiotic scheme?"

06/29/12 9:29 pm

@hazhap1 in case you don't know, a president can NOT take us to war, it was a CONGRESSIONAL vote.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/29/12 8:38 pm

14 times out of 5 holy babble cracks me up.

RJ1969 SoCal
06/29/12 8:17 pm

As far as I'm concerned I'd point out that

GrowUp Minnesota
06/29/12 8:13 pm

So ... If it wasn't clear before, it now is ... UnholyBabble is a racist.

He/She/It has nothing but babble to offer.

MrO and the 21 new taxes in O'care must go!

06/29/12 8:01 pm

It is a well deserved witch-hunt. When clandestine operations blow up this bad, some heads just have got to roll.

06/29/12 7:29 pm

We, the US Govt, fed the guns to the cartels so the could shed blood and we could point our fingers and say that's the bad guy. We need more money to end this War on Drugs and we should make it illegal to while we're at it. Now they got caught and they don't want to admit it.