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BadUsername October 28th, 2013 3:08pm

Our world is but a spec of dust in this vast universe. Think of the the rivers spilled by all those generals and emperors, so in glory and triumph they can become the momentary masters, of a fraction, of a dot. Is it worth it?

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susanr Colorado
10/28/13 10:20 am

Since it's all we've got, yes it's worth it.

10/28/13 8:21 am

You're welcome :) I like to keep things in perspective, helps me not stress so much. And if I can help someone else do the same, I've done my job.

10/28/13 8:11 am

Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" guaranteed to give you chills and make you think about what we are as a human race, and that we should not be recognized by a line in the dirt.

10/28/13 8:10 am

Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.

10/28/13 8:22 am

But that still doesn't mean we shouldn't live our lives to the fullest extent. That extent might be minuscule, but we should still aim to maximize our enjoyment of life.

10/28/13 8:29 am

That's my point, watch the video in the link in the comment above. It's like 3 minutes. We shouldn't worry about things, it doesn't help. Life is just a ride and when it's done, that's it. So live it to the fullest and help all the people you can.

10/28/13 9:05 am

Bingo. It puts things into perspective. The part where he talks about leaders striving for world domination...what's it all for? Nothing. It's incredibly fascinating.

10/28/13 10:44 am

Yea Carl Sagan is awesome. That guys youtube channel (TragedyAndHope) has a lot of videos like that. He's a free editor too so it amplifies the messages.