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dreamitliveit IDLH
10/27/13 5:11 pm

You can have beer without wings, but you can't have wings without beer. :)
Great question!!

pateach2 love my son
10/27/13 3:11 pm

You can't have one without the other...

susanr Colorado
10/27/13 2:47 pm

Why must I have to choose?

OK, beer. I love wings but really don't eat them often.

stefanie22 Cincinnati
10/27/13 2:29 pm

Not a good question for me today, my boyfriend & I got bad food poisoning from beer & wings last night! Terrible!

NFLPrincess First and Goal
10/27/13 2:07 pm

Beer. Just beer. And lots of it

MJSeals J.D.
10/27/13 2:04 pm

Being under 21 legally wings

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/27/13 1:53 pm

Why not both? :D
As long as the beer is non-alcoholic... Otherwise known as, I like wings.

EarlyBird Portland
10/27/13 2:13 pm

MrL- TMS is looking for you. He even made a poll about you :-)

lmurder MDK
10/27/13 1:53 pm

I love a frothy cold beer from new belgium to blue moon. The taste is amazing. But I also love food. Especially wings.

Emily33 North Carolina
10/27/13 1:52 pm

Beer, of course :)