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rickvee Living the dream
10/27/13 8:12 am

Jesus wore sandals, look what happened to Him...

saulecker Durham, NC
10/27/13 7:53 am

This question could have just been "wearing sandals".

KudosToYou California
10/26/13 4:58 pm

I don't wear sandals, but I don't see the issue...

susanr Colorado
10/26/13 4:51 pm

I've worn wool socks with Birkenstock sandals in cold weather. I don't care if it looked dorky.

EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
10/26/13 4:36 pm

I had a neighbor when in summer always did the socks and sandals. Told him he was doing the dad faux pas. He replied he was on acid and thought he needed to rip out all of his toenails.