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Praetorianus October 26th, 2013 3:17am

Did you ever develop an affection for an inanimate object that went past appreciating its function and keeping it in working order? For this Q, assume you were past the teddy bear stage and it didn't have sentimental value because of another PERSON.

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EstroJen Washington
10/26/13 3:59 pm

I held onto my backpack long after all the zippers quit working and the seams had split.

squib Northern New England
10/26/13 4:22 am

I am in my early 40s and I still have a good number of my childhood stuffed animals. They were there during my abusive childhood. I could talk to them when things were bad so I can't let them go now.

presrvd Phoenix
10/25/13 11:22 pm

Does throwing a birthday party for my truck fall into this category?

megomez712 Vagabond
10/25/13 11:16 pm

My "baby" blanket... It was fairly large, even for an adult. But I held onto that pink raggedy for way too long.

JeremeFree California
10/25/13 9:29 pm

I have an unhealthy obsession with my hats. Most likely related to my ongoing baldness.

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/25/13 8:46 pm

My old car, Rudolfo. Brother-in-law totaled him this year. Rudolfo was with me since college... We had a lot of good years together :'-(

Praetorianus Fair enough.
10/25/13 8:19 pm

As an older child, I got very protective towards things in general, arguing they are completely defenseless. I wished for a law that prohibits throwing away anything that isn't broken and even prohibit vandalism against your own property.

twss trump is a garbage human
10/25/13 8:19 pm

The closest I have come to being affectionate toward inanimate objects is likely my wardrobe. I am far too attached to some of my clothes, shoes, and junk jewelry. Also, all my iDevices.

10/25/13 8:45 pm

Does it lead to a magical land with dwarves, witches, and lions?

twss trump is a garbage human
10/26/13 3:06 am

Ha! Love it, Matt!

Only on alternating Tuesdays, unfortunately ;)