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comppete Las Vegas
10/25/13 10:48 pm

I just saw a show on the History Channel, that stated that, the advent of the cotton gin started the civil war. See link:

skinner Wisconsin
10/26/13 4:56 am

Oh yes it most certainly did. Without the cotton gin slavery would have died out long before the civil war

MissPresident California
10/25/13 7:31 pm

States rights and then slavery later on

GeneralDevin MN
10/25/13 5:21 pm

At this time it was legal for the south to have slaves so why would they secede to use slaves? Emancipation Proclamation was made later in the war to weaken the south as it focused labor mostly on them.

skinner Wisconsin
10/25/13 7:06 pm

Southerners believed that the GOP wanted to take their slaves and they had less and less ways of defending their "property" so they found it necessary to secede in order to protect their constitutional right to own other human beings.

GeneralDevin MN
10/25/13 7:24 pm

If they just wanted to protect them they shouldn't have attacked the union and ignite a war. Maybe they foresaw a union attack after they seceded and they decided to strike first?

skinner Wisconsin
10/25/13 7:25 pm

They didn't foresee an attack they foresaw the infringement of their "rights" they were utterly wrong but history is a great equalizer

moonshot More often I know nothing
10/25/13 4:59 pm

Revisionist history run amuck. It was slavery, don't kid yourselves.

skinner Wisconsin
10/25/13 4:19 pm

I think South Carolina's Declaration of Secession explains pretty well that it is primarily about slavery

Fjolsvin Midgard
10/25/13 3:34 pm

Sadly the education system does a great disservice in addressing only the most obvious cause of succession. The illegal duties placed on goods in and out of the southern section had as much impact as did slavery.

Jack14 Massachusetts
10/25/13 3:27 pm

I was going to ask this!

10/25/13 3:27 pm

Combination thereof

MisterE Conservistan
10/25/13 3:32 pm

State's rights encompasses slavery.