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Show Of Hands December 19th, 2011 12:00am

With Kim Jong Il dead, will North Korea move toward becoming a more democratic nation, or will his communist son just take over where daddy left off?

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12/31/11 1:39 pm

But I guess wishes don't always come true....

12/31/11 1:38 pm

Gosh I wish it was headed toward democracy!!!!!????

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/31/11 8:07 am

He'll either be more of a tyrant, or he'll be an incompetent nincompoop. I don't see any moves toward liberty and freedom anytime soon.

12/23/11 3:25 am

Tug My Dong is a fool!

huntfrost Texas
12/22/11 10:05 am

It would also be an excuse for Russia...

huntfrost Texas
12/22/11 10:05 am

That would be a war that we might lose bc of NK's ally China....

huntfrost Texas
12/22/11 10:03 am

I think North Korea will attack us just as Japan did to Pearl Harbor. They know our forces are spread thin fighting Al Qaeda

12/21/11 7:38 pm

I'm worried that Un will be forced by his advisors to initiate some sort of bold (military?) action to start off his reign so enemies won't take him as soft.

cowboy Dog Father
12/21/11 5:56 pm

Nothing will change in North Korea.

StaffSgtKip Florida
12/21/11 1:18 pm

Dear god, Homefront was right!!! D:

12/20/11 7:43 pm

Kim Jon-un will just be a replica of his father and grandfather. It will take him a few years, though, to be revered and to instill his own twist to the communism.

12/20/11 4:25 pm

Oops wrong word! I've been driving since 5 am. Long long day!

12/20/11 4:17 pm

The clueless 16% who said democracy are the ones we should worry about....

12/20/11 2:44 pm

=\ makes me sad, but yah, communism

Hope Minneapolis
12/20/11 11:41 am

Kim Jong Un has TWO older brothers yet he was picked bc he was most like daddy. The North Korean ppl are actually mourning Kim Jong Ils death. More of the same

12/20/11 10:21 am

USNavyVet...PikminGod means peace

12/20/11 5:12 am

He had two sons, one is a poet that believed in piece and the other one is a captain in their army. Guess who became new leader? The fat one!

DB1984 Pennsylvania
12/20/11 2:53 am

The N.Korean Military will run the country .

purpledragon Pennsylvania
12/19/11 9:16 pm

@durza yep. Makes me wanna kill all the military Koreans...

Zack100 Tatooine
12/19/11 8:04 pm

Get the son to destroy communism!!!

12/19/11 7:56 pm

I voted for democracy but I know that chances
Are probably around .000001% of that happening may be less but I hope the son makes the right decisions for his people so good luck to him and North Korea

12/19/11 6:59 pm

Like batshit crazy father, like batshit crazy son....?

12/19/11 6:14 pm

If they didn't cry... Death?

notused1 Louisiana
12/19/11 4:21 pm

Please take 1 minute right Now to email Harry Reid, asking him to vote for a Full Year extension on the tax holiday... He currently only wants your tax break to last for a mere 60 days. God Bless America

12/19/11 2:55 pm

The son should kill all of his advisors, or he will end up as dead as his father.

12/19/11 2:00 pm

The people were about to kill themselves over it, they were crying like they lost a brother, democracy, that is impossible.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
12/19/11 1:31 pm

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

hipdip11 Illinois
12/19/11 12:26 pm

Amuto, I agree with you he's probably going to do some crazy things to show his worth, and I fear one of those crazy thing will be launching missiles

12/19/11 12:26 pm

poorly framed question. military commanders will be in control for a while as KJIs son is a not ready for prime time player at the moment.

12/19/11 11:13 am

The only difference will be the fact that his son will be quicker to launch missiles

FrankZappa New York
12/19/11 10:52 am

A unique trait of western culture (I think) is the younger generations tendency to rebel against their parents. Now I see the benefit.

12/19/11 10:32 am

I was just listening to a montage of OUR media fawning all over this piece of crap. He may have looked like a muppet, but this guy was true evil. May he rot in peace!

d0m333 Pennsylvania
12/19/11 10:30 am

I agree with smallbiz44. They are not just going to stand aside while this 28 year old with no experience orders the around. The best we can hope for is stability

12/19/11 10:01 am

17% of the national vote actually thinks N Korea will move toward democracy??? They're already testing missiles today!

12/19/11 9:04 am

The question for me isn't whether the son will support democracy- that's an obvious no. The question is how likely will a "Korean Winter" happen. Viva la revolucion!

12/19/11 8:31 am

This is now a very dangerous situation, the old time Generals are not going to cowtow to a 28 year old with no military experience, even though he is a hard line communist. Do not take your eye off the ball Mr.Obama.

12/19/11 8:29 am

Has this kid ever known anything else? He's not gonna make any changes, especially any that would make him less rich.

12/19/11 7:38 am

don't think this question even needed to be asked

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
12/19/11 6:46 am

It's hard to regain lost freedom... Something we Americans need to remember as well.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
12/19/11 6:20 am

I voted for communism coming again, but one never knows…


USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
12/19/11 6:05 am

Did you see the stupid huge stupid uniform hats on the military officers of N.Korea,dumf modernize.

12/19/11 5:38 am

Did y'all hear that he fired a "test missile"

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
12/19/11 5:32 am

@manda...his son just got his 4th star as a general in the Army.