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Does someone in your immediate family own a "family business" that employs multiple relatives?

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4yourhealth Washington
10/26/13 11:37 am

Working on opening a sports pub with my bro in Lexington MI.

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
10/26/13 10:28 am

Dad owns a business. He employs myself and my uncle

rons screw politicians
10/26/13 6:41 am

I wonder if that's why they call it a "family business"?

BlkDth here
10/26/13 12:36 am

my step dad's father (my paw paw) had a plumbing business. my step dad took it over. And now my brother looks next in line 2 take over eventually. I work w them from time 2 time as well. so yeah family / heritage kinda thing.

deathvalley Chicago native
10/25/13 11:32 pm

My step mom owns her own business but doesn't employ any of us!

Snoopster St. louis
10/25/13 4:45 pm

I'm his brother we set up Bounce houses

Ty2j Time to stretch
10/25/13 4:40 pm

Nothin like settin up bounce houses

anotherme next to my iPad
10/25/13 12:36 pm

My dad did, but he retired, and no one wanted to take over, so he sold the biz.

Rosebud Ohio
10/25/13 7:18 am

My mom's law office. I worked there, my SIL works there now. There's a running joke about my old desk/the water, in the past 4 years we've had 4 women pregnant 5 times, all working at that desk. Myself included. It's amusing.

paulinascar Florida
10/25/13 6:59 am

Saving people. Hunting things.

xx116xx Christian. Unashamed.
10/25/13 5:10 am

My uncle owns a few businesses, although he is the only family in his area really so he can't employ anyone related to him.

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
10/25/13 4:27 am

Yes, they make it clear that it's "no girls allowed". Humph!

doctalk not all who wander r lost
10/25/13 4:15 am

Earned my college tuition working for Uncle John. Cousins still run his business. Probably 50% still relatives.

peacenskis Alaska
10/25/13 1:47 am

Not currently, but I grew up participating in a family business.

peacefullife Land of Moss
10/24/13 10:52 pm

My husband and his BFF employ my FIL, and BFF's wife and sister.

Chelschwaa Tacoma, WA
10/24/13 10:45 pm

Yes, my grandfather owns a printing company and my dad and uncles work there.

rcgrant south carolina
10/24/13 9:51 pm

yep.. me. I employee about 4 cousins and 2 uncles. we are ctitter

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
10/24/13 9:41 pm

My grandparents did when my mother was young,but no one does now.

They had a chicken & egg processing plant.

twistedmermaid Seattle
10/24/13 9:36 pm

My husbands family owns an auto shop (two actually). That's kind of how I met him. I worked there. His father owns it. His sister works there, both aunts and his uncle. His cousin helps out on summer breaks too. Whew. That was fun ;)

twistedmermaid Seattle
10/24/13 9:37 pm

Kinda like my big fat Greek wedding. Only East Indian. Hahah

adam2890 Denver
10/24/13 9:24 pm

Most of my family is on welfare. So we employee them by paying taxes

furbabymama Indiana
10/24/13 8:27 pm

yes, and if it were in flames I would not pee on it to extinguish the fire

Doopy Remedial Americanism
10/24/13 8:19 pm

Yup. My dad runs Cre8tv Media Group, which nearly all my immediate family members have done at least some work for.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
10/24/13 8:05 pm

if so my grandfather (not sure?) had a farm which my uncle inherited, and his kids worked there, now my nephew his wife and second cousins works there..

Hope Minneapolis
10/24/13 7:30 pm

My aunt owns a music store. I sold my family biz last year due to health problems. My cousin owns an outboard marine store. She sells boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. My uncle owns a radon testing company. Another aunt owns a daycare center

emsies Seattle
10/24/13 6:39 pm

My dad runs a record company and I am an unpaid intern.

10/24/13 5:48 pm

Saving people & hunting things is my family's business

emsies Seattle
10/24/13 6:38 pm

Beat me to it!

TheChoznOne Fort Leonard Wood,MO
10/24/13 5:36 pm

My in laws run a rather large marijuana distribution center and employ the family

dudley northern Virginia woods
10/24/13 5:33 pm

My brother owns a business but it's mostly just him and occasionally his wife he's out too.

kellyw The Mississippi Delta
10/24/13 5:31 pm

We're kind of getting to be like the Greek family on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, with multiple businesses, but without the Greek.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
10/24/13 5:21 pm

Nobody in my family that I know of anywhere owns a business

RunN2Poles The Room of Requirement
10/24/13 5:01 pm

We didn't own a business but for several years my father was the head manager of a pool/park and pretty much ran the place. Both of my siblings work for/with him as their summer jobs.

brookster Indiana
10/24/13 4:06 pm

Our family farm that my dad now owns. My grandpa, brother, and cousin all are "employed" through it.

Princess Kentucky
10/24/13 4:05 pm

I work for a family owned restaurant and we had some relatives of the owner but most have quit there's only one left who is the niece of the owners wife.

dahawwl Texas
10/24/13 3:52 pm

No, but my father did until he retired and sold the business. I and several of my siblings, my aunt and uncle, and a cousin all worked for him at different times.

carebear421dm California Bay Area
10/24/13 3:50 pm

My father in law owns the business in which his wife co-owns, they run it with my husband, my sister in law both work at, my husbands cousin works there every now and then, my brother works there now and then. It's a machine shop, they do very well.

10/24/13 3:44 pm

How is immediate family defined? Honest question. Is an uncle or cousin included?

HayleyS looking up.
10/24/13 3:42 pm

My dad owns a family business, and his uncle works for him. My brother worked for him over the summer

wiildkat Propertarian
10/24/13 3:40 pm

Well we don't own it, but a lot of my relatives and me work for Wells Fargo, Alsco, and Park-N-Jet.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/24/13 3:38 pm

The closest thing to a family run business would be my parents' farm, but they are the owners and only employees.

Jungle in the dog house
10/24/13 3:37 pm

When I was in business I made it a point not to employ relatives.