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Think October 24th, 2013 6:32pm

Is the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People a racist organization?

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Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
10/24/13 7:02 pm

It creates a need so that it can exist.
It's leaders prosper by creating racism and segregation.

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
10/24/13 7:05 pm

If their goal is really "advancement" they could do better.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
10/24/13 1:55 pm

It will be a great day when the NAACP is no longer needed.

Think Lovin Life
10/24/13 5:51 pm

You avoided the question! Are you suggesting that sometimes it's "needed" to have racists groups?

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
10/24/13 7:32 pm

I don't think the NAACP is a racist organization and they are needed to combat racism.

Think Lovin Life
10/24/13 8:03 pm

So, how do you feel about the NAACP's endorsement of the IRS to target Taxed Enough Already groups?

skinner Wisconsin
10/24/13 12:45 pm

No, being proud of your race is fine. They are a great Republican organization.

susanr Colorado
10/24/13 12:36 pm

No. It doesn't proclaim that blacks as a race are *better* than anyone else.

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
10/24/13 1:29 pm

so you would be okay with an organization made to help middle class white kids called the National White People's Org?

susanr Colorado
10/24/13 1:50 pm

If white people in the US were struggling to move forward from a history of oppression, that would be a fine organization. But they aren't. I will *welcome* the day when the NAACP is defunct, but I don't think we're there yet.

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
10/24/13 1:56 pm

you don't think blacks are whites are treated fairly? define fair? being picked over a white kid in college?

Think Lovin Life
10/24/13 5:37 pm

Susan ... so, if you determine that someone is disadvantaged then they can have a group, but if you feel they aren't disadvantaged, then they can't?

rons screw politicians
10/24/13 11:58 am

Yes they call African Americans Color. What would they call Hispanic America? What would they a call Egyptian Americans?

Ebola1 Florida
10/24/13 11:37 am

No. Didn't we just have this question?

Think Lovin Life
10/24/13 11:48 am

Sorry, I didn't see an earlier instance.

I'm curious how you can say it not a racist organization. Would you consider a group called the National Association for the Advancement of WHITE People to be racist?

10/24/13 11:34 am

If it red white people instead of colored people would it be racist

Ghostreconss mars
10/24/13 11:41 am

Yes, in America that's unacceptable, you obviously are just a Nazi at that point.