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Congressman October 24th, 2013 2:22am

You are offered the opportunity to be the first person to land on Mars (along with a crew of astronauts). However there will be no return trip, and your time on Mars will be only one year. Knowing you won't come home, do you accept the offer?

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Diknak Ohio
10/24/13 5:45 am

Earthling. If I didn't have a wife and kid, I would volunteer for a colony on mars, but not one with a set expiration.

skinner Wisconsin
10/24/13 3:18 am

Doesn't it take a year at best to reach Mars in the first place?

skinner Wisconsin
10/24/13 3:17 am

You're asking if I want to die in one year. The answer is no

camlop San Diego, CA
10/23/13 11:29 pm

Wait, does this mean we'll die after a year?

musicfreak Loving Life
10/23/13 9:08 pm

Sure, I would love to make a great impact on the world.

kellyw The Mississippi Delta
10/23/13 8:59 pm

If it was guaranteed I'd be first, and I knew my family would taken care of, I'd do it. I'm not on track to be in the history books as an Earthling. For every other situation, no. Definitely not.

rickvee Living the dream
10/23/13 8:37 pm

Wow... You'd live longer with aids, cancer, and athletes foot...

kaitlinsays Wisconsin
10/23/13 7:27 pm

wait... there will be no return trip, but my time on mars would only be a year. so would I die after the first year? haha just curious what you meant.

Congressman Louisiana
10/23/13 7:56 pm

Yes you would die... Peacefully.

kaitlinsays Wisconsin
10/23/13 8:02 pm

oh ok, gotcha. haha I went with "earthling", mainly because I don't feel like living on mars for a year and then dying would be particularly fulfilling for me.

Congressman Louisiana
10/23/13 8:03 pm

As much as I would enjoy the experience, one year of life isn't enough of an incentive. Better be some damn good looking Martians to make up for it!