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Show Of Hands October 23rd, 2013 2:55pm

Have you shopped at Sears or Lands End within the past 6 months?

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hapiotter2 Utah
10/24/13 7:00 pm

Bought winter coats for me and my daughter from the sale section of the Lands End website last week. They were less than half the original price because they were last years style. :)

Mud Constitutionalist
10/24/13 4:24 pm

Both are ok but haven't had the need to in the last 6 months.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
10/24/13 12:25 pm

my sister was looking for shirts for work and golf clubs.

lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
10/24/13 7:53 am

Sears is very expensive compared to other appliance stores. They do a bit of everything. Who buys a dress and a lawn mower at the same place?

bstokosa Connecticut
10/24/13 4:59 am

I've had good and bad dealings with Sears in the past. Mostly good I would have to say. Home repair of major appliances good as well.
Lands End one of very few places to get shirts required for school uniform for my kid.

ry1206an Pawnee City Council
10/23/13 11:02 pm

Walked in but the store was too disorganized and there were too few employees running registers so I immediately walked out.

bnnt Los Angeles
10/23/13 10:47 pm

Long ago, tools and appliances there. But now Amazon has better prices.

Lands End has really nice stuff but is WAY too expensive. The clothes aren't that good.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
10/23/13 10:20 pm

Not since they got rid of their Portrait Studio last year. Really too bad, it became a tradition to get our x-mas pics done there and they always did a great job.

peacefullife Land of Moss
10/23/13 9:34 pm

Shopped, yes, but got a better price on a better appliance at the local ma and pop appliance shop!

peacefullife Land of Moss
10/23/13 9:34 pm

Missed 1/2 my sentence... Should have started: shopped, yes; purchased, no.

musicfreak Loving Life
10/23/13 9:18 pm

Sears but not Lands End. I don't think I ever buy stuff from Lands End.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
10/23/13 8:07 pm

Shopped the Sears website in July and found a great deal on a Panasonic plasma TV...ordered it and picked it up the same day at my local store.

omagabi Surf City
10/23/13 7:31 pm

No, I wouldn't set foot in the local Sears store. It caters to the Kmart crowd. I know that Lands End is a section in the Sears store but wouldn't go there to even look at their selection.

10/23/13 7:17 pm

I love Craftsman

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
10/23/13 10:34 pm

Yes. I get Craftsman work pants for ~$20 a pair, too.

cannoneer Columbiana
10/23/13 6:42 pm

50 years ago Sears was like Grandad- knew what he was talking about and could be trusted.

cannoneer Columbiana
10/23/13 6:45 pm

25 years ago Sears was like the uncle that was fairly smart when he wasn't smoking pot.

cannoneer Columbiana
10/23/13 6:48 pm

Today it is the kid with no sense of purpose or the old man with Alzheimer's. Everything is hit or miss.

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
10/23/13 6:32 pm

Sears depresses me and I have no god dang clue what Lands end is but it sounds terrible.

jmw7477 Indiana
10/23/13 6:09 pm

Sears, but not Lands End.

10/23/13 5:40 pm

Sears - no. Lands' End - yes, in the Sears store just last weekend. I'm also looking at a catalog right now!

bambi069 Anacortes
10/23/13 5:38 pm

Last Christmas our Sears went out of business and I bought jeans for my son I got 4 pairs for $6. Before that I walked through Sears on the way to the rest of the mall several times.

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
10/23/13 5:09 pm

I began my boycott of Sears when they quit their catalog department. I grew up and as a young adult living out of the Sears catalog.
I like Lands Inn, but I haven't bought in a long time.

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/23/13 9:47 pm

My first violin was from the sears catalog. Dad always kept it in the bathroom. The catalog I mean.

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
10/24/13 5:16 am

Good bathroom reading. And I used to have a great aunt who used catalog pages as TP.

mmmwtt Lake Titicaca
10/23/13 5:06 pm

Family Guy got it right. No one goes to sears anymore.

indie California
10/23/13 4:30 pm

I've seen an appliance sale at Sears in November than another one around Christmas with the prices jacked up. I'd rather buy something in a Greyhound Bus station than Sears. The Lands End brand has been tarnished.

brianparks69 charlotte
10/23/13 4:16 pm

We bought an induction stovetop from Sears 5 months ago.

10/23/13 3:37 pm

Nope. The quality of merchandise at Sears went down hill when K-Mart bought them. Sears needs to reinvent themselves into a more sale-oriented place like Kohls. Kohls is always busy because you feel like you're getting a good deal.

10/23/13 3:26 pm

Water filter for the fridge. Can't find them anywhere but Sears. :(

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/23/13 3:11 pm

I like this sponsored poll. Not sure who's it is, but if you want unvarnished comments you're at the right place. I like giving consumer feedback without having to enter my info on your website and MAYBE getting an irrelevant canned response.

cpaswr just say the letters
10/23/13 10:56 pm

Don't tell anyone that I agree with you.

10/23/13 2:36 pm

Honestly and it's probably just me but I thought Lands End lost some of its prestige when patterning with Sears. Nothing against Sears but just not a good match.

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/23/13 3:12 pm

Now that I know this happened, I agree. A step down for LE.

10/23/13 2:17 pm

No. Sears installed a furnace in my home incorrectly and it blew up. They wouldn't give me a refund or a new furnace. I haven't shopped there since and I tell everyone not to shop there. I look forward to the day they go out of business.

CarrieMarie Mad Science Crew
10/23/13 3:10 pm

My parents bought a dishwasher from Sears, was installed incorrectly so wayer seeped through the ceiling into their basement. The "warranty" had so many loop holes Sears didn't cover ANY of the damage.

DamageInc California
10/23/13 8:54 pm

Do not buy a furnace or A/C from them. They have one person come out and give you a bid and then another person come out to install it. And then the installer tells you they can't do it the way it was bid and then try to raise the price.

cpaswr just say the letters
10/23/13 11:01 pm

Don't even think of using Sears Home Services (or whatever they call their appliance repair business), they don't stock parts to fix the problem on the first visit. Any "repair" takes at least 3 visits assuming that they show up as scheduled.

10/23/13 1:35 pm

Sears hardware

comppete Las Vegas
10/23/13 12:57 pm

Yes, Sears is right down the street from me.

Ghostreconss mars
10/23/13 12:50 pm

Does it count if it was with a friend and only they purchased something?

Zod Above Pugetropolis
10/23/13 12:18 pm

Sears yes, for lawn mower parts. Lands End no, but we get their catalogs.

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
10/23/13 12:11 pm

I thought those were old people stores.....
The age filter shows they kind of are.
Truthfully I don't know what sears sells aside from appliances

EarlyBird Portland
10/23/13 12:57 pm

You're right. I think of Sears and Montgomery Wards as old people stores.

DamageInc California
10/23/13 8:50 pm

Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Wards. They used to have those big thick catalogs that I looked through to pick out what I wanted for Christmas.

DamageInc California
10/23/13 8:50 pm

Oh great! I just ages myself.

10/23/13 12:03 pm

Never been in Lands End, and can't remember the last time in Sears.

10/23/13 11:58 am

Walked through on the way to the parking lot...

DamageInc California
10/23/13 11:46 am

I have, but I agree with the recent article about how their stores look horrible and more like you are at a "going out of business" department.

singkitty In the cloud
10/23/13 11:32 am

There aren't any near by and that's not a site I usually visit.

10/23/13 11:22 am

I typically shop at once a year for snow gear & outer wear for the kids. I was planning to do that last week but got sidetracked. It's been unseasonably warm here or I would have already had it done.

kjs Minnesota
10/23/13 11:15 am

I buy the kids uniforms, jackets, play clothes, backpacks and lunch boxes. They last from year to year. I especially love the jeans and tops. The men's jeans are the only jeans my husband swears by.

TheChoznOne Fort Leonard Wood,MO
10/23/13 11:12 am

Should just open craftsman stores, sears is a dying business where only elderly shop

fredd TrumpLand
10/23/13 10:57 am

I think I got some tools at Sears around 6 months ago. They seem to be a good place for tool shopping.

CarrieMarie Mad Science Crew
10/23/13 10:45 am

"Bought" a washer and dryer from Sears a couple months ago. They messed up the delivery and any form of reconciliation afterwards, so cancelled order and went with Best Buy. I don't plan on shopping at Sears again.

10/23/13 11:16 am

We bought a washer & dryer from Sears about 18 months ago. They screwed up delivery not once but FOUR times in a row. I was behind aggravated & NEEDED to get clothes cleaned. They ultimately gave me a substantial upgrade & for that I am grateful.

CarrieMarie Mad Science Crew
10/23/13 3:13 pm

Wow, FOUR, that's insane. Mine was supposed to be delivered the day before I was going out of town for a funeral. They went to the wrong house and said "no one was home" then couldn't get to me that night. No one bothered calling back the next 2 days

CarrieMarie Mad Science Crew
10/23/13 3:14 pm

I call them and say I'm going with best buy. They offer $100 credit to not. I say ok. They ask for sears card # to issue credit. I say I'm out of town don't have card. They say sorry can't credit otherwise. I say ok cancel order.

CarrieMarie Mad Science Crew
10/23/13 3:15 pm

They say ok we'll cancel and the full purchase price will be credited to your card. Oddly enough they didn't need the card # for that...

Whew, venting done ;)

10/23/13 5:24 pm

We're in rural IL. They only deliver to our area once a week: Sunday morning. (Weird, right?) So they called to confirm on Saturday night but didn't show up on Sunday. It was Sunday, so no manager to talk to until Monday.

10/23/13 5:25 pm

Monday, the manager offered us a small discount & promised to deliver the following Sunday. Saturday night, their automated system called again to confirm & again on Sunday, no delivery.

10/23/13 5:26 pm

Aggravating because they kept confirming, four weeks in a row!! But by the end of that month, they offered us a really nice upgrade on both the washer & dryer & that really did pay off for me in the long run.

CarrieMarie Mad Science Crew
10/23/13 5:51 pm

Well I'm glad it worked out in the long run! By getting mine at Best Buy I ended up with a longer warranty and 18 month 0% financing rather than 12 months. So it all works out as it "should" ;)

10/23/13 5:53 pm

Glad you also found a resolution, Carrie. Appliance shopping shouldn't be so frustrating!

shovelhead someplace with coffee
10/23/13 10:26 am

I go to sears for 1 thing and only 1 thing Craftsman.

azpride Arizona
10/23/13 10:02 am

Maybe if they kept up there stores a little better and it didn't scream 1994

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
10/23/13 9:59 am

Sears has some nice ties and dress socks.
Khakis too.
Craftsman tools.

ScrewU Gone
10/23/13 9:53 am

We shop at Sears all the time. Good quality at reasonable prices. Never had reason to complain. I think the wife orders from Lands End too; but then she orders from everywhere.

hoosierwisdom inner voice
10/23/13 9:46 am

LL Bean beats Lands End

kjs Minnesota
10/23/13 11:17 am

Love L.L. Bean too. Great winter clothes. Love the Bean boots.