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Should physician-assisted suicide be legal?

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03/30/12 7:09 pm

Only in extreme cases where people are in such dire pain they have nothing to gain from life. But suicide is selfish... Hurts those around you

03/30/12 7:07 pm

Suicide should never be encouraged by openly permitting it.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/28/12 2:29 pm

PS. Maryland changed the law. If you marked yourself as an organ donor on your drivers license, there is nothing your family can do to prevent it. It is considered your choice. How long can your family keep you "alive" before your organs are harvested? Make sure this choice is what you want.

Weave77 Indianapolis
03/28/12 11:22 am

In certain cases (not all), I would say yes... quality > quantity. We have no problem with a mercy kill on a battlefield during a war movie, so I think, occasionally, the same thought process should hold true in a civilian hospital.

03/22/12 10:33 pm

Of corse it should be legal! It's your body.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
03/22/12 8:40 am

No physician should ever assist due to their hippocratic oath. We should call them executioners & give them a black cloak.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/22/12 1:02 am

There are many people with disabilities who are more normal and energetic that some that take life for granted. A disability is not an excuse to die in my book. Some of my most passionate friends accept what they have, figure out how to make it work and get on with living.

03/21/12 7:46 am

As an oncologist, I see people suffering from terminal cancers that are in an extreme amount of pain and discomfort. I see this everyday. I sometime wish it was legal. Totally agree with buddamonk

mrcoyote Casa Grande
03/20/12 10:42 pm

Hey i say if your really in pain or if your missing limbs or something extreme then it can be an option but if your perfectly fine and just sad then no

03/20/12 3:43 pm

I had to re-read this question about 4 times after I saw how many people responded yes... what is wrong with you people!

EarlyBird Portland
03/20/12 11:11 am

Yes, it should be legal. Don't tell me how to live. Don't tell me how to die.

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/20/12 4:22 am

Just make a suicide bag. You can buy helium at Walmart.
Most of the idiots on this app would be doing society a favor if they went ahead and checked out.

brojim62 Alabama
03/19/12 7:02 pm

in today's technological society, you can make arrangements to off yourself LONG BEFORE you need assistance. so this is a BS question! no need for this!

HolyBabble Mississippi
03/19/12 5:07 pm

62% say yes

Well done. That is the correct answer.

03/19/12 11:46 am

And that's coming from a Buddamonk, that really does say a lot. Thank you for posting

03/19/12 5:55 am

What the heck is wrong with 62% of you?!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/18/12 10:43 pm

Does anyone know if a surgically crisp, sharp guillotine would cause pain. I suspect that it may be offered to those who want out of society when we go through the next evolution.

03/18/12 7:27 pm

I like @walrus's response.

bookworm995 New York
03/18/12 7:23 pm

Physician Assisted Suicide should only be legal for people who are terminally ill and there is no cure/treatment to prolong their life. I'd rather see a loved one go on their own accord than be ripped away unwillingly.

03/18/12 9:32 am

As a surgeon, I don't think it should be legal, but in certain circumstances I would condone it.

03/18/12 7:43 am

Two words: Terry Shaivo. That was inhumane how they had her laying in that state for years with no quality of life. It was selfish. And the government sticking its idiotic nose in it as well. She was brain dead with no chance of a healthy life. Let her die in peace

03/18/12 7:38 am

Wtf kind of question is this? You might as well ask if suicide should be legal...

03/18/12 6:14 am

Don't think that there should be a law either way. If there is a law for it then the government will control it and take it over.

03/18/12 6:12 am

Don't think that there should. E a law either way.

03/18/12 2:14 am

YES. Whenever I see a religious argument to the contrary I always think who could believe in such a selfish god?

WinterRose New York
03/18/12 12:10 am

To me, it seems completely unethical and inhumane to refuse a terminally ill patient the right to die peacefully, painlessly, and with dignity. "Terminally ill" being the key words.

03/17/12 9:09 pm

Yup if you want to die so be it just let it be

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/17/12 8:27 pm

You cannot prevent your death. If you are reading this you will die. Death is part of the cycle of life. You could say it provides intensity of purpose while we have it. What we do is our choice. It will affect more than just us. How does this affect taxes, insurance and lives?

03/17/12 4:16 pm

living in pain with no chance to get better is not living. we kill an animal out of mercy, why would we not allow a person to choose their own life.

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
03/17/12 3:50 pm

Looks the Bible thumpers are agin it.

03/17/12 2:10 pm

The main basis of opposition is for religious reasoning and that should be separated from state therefore the opposition is invalid

03/17/12 1:55 pm

It should be your decision to decide if and when you die, period.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/17/12 12:20 pm

People will do what they want regardless of laws. The question is if the family ends up paying emotionally or financially because of our laws.

Planned or not, the loss of someone is always painful. The family always pays. How can we help the family and preferably the person leaving or not...

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/17/12 12:13 pm

Stepping back to the big picture, a society that kills its weak instead of helping or fails to procreate will fail to function. At a minimum it will get old and brittle or be replaced. Evolution of choice will change US.

Can they offer prisoners or homeless people the option to remove themselves

NYevo NY
03/17/12 10:37 am

In the scenario where someone knows in advance that they have nothing to look forward to other than more and more pain until they finally die, then I'd say it's cruel to not let them choose to put themselves out of their misery. We treat our dogs better

rons Thanks America
03/17/12 7:47 am

u would think the GOP WOULD LIKE TO KILL THINGS. But the DEMS now want to kill old people AND babies?

03/17/12 6:23 am

Idk why people are choosing this for others. It's like birth control, purely the person going through it's choice.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/17/12 5:40 am

everything from a family. I know of two who lost homes and family members to cancer. They are left with nothing. If I were terminally ill I would choose it. My mother in law was mortified as her body shut down and she had to wear diapers, be bed ridden and dependent in her family. People

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/17/12 5:37 am

several hoops you must jump through. Doctors are not required to prescribe the medication. Any more than being forced to kill a preborn. I don't think it's all that common. But it is a choice on the quality of ones own life and concideration of ones family. Vast medical bills can take

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/17/12 5:32 am

1truth I know of people who chose to die that had family around. Terminally Ill who saved up medications.
This is not for the depressed. It is for those who are Fatally ill. Less than 6 months to live. Its been a while sense it passed here but I believe you need two or three opinions. There are

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
03/17/12 5:23 am

Premier doc. We have both here. Medical mj is easy to get can grow it for that reason.
Just had a premmie grandson. He was 9.5 but early and lungs and kidneys weren't quite ready. Has a tuff of red hair though. He's home now thank God.

JamesMadison La Palma
03/17/12 12:41 am

Yea, as long as you can find someone willing to perform it

03/17/12 12:11 am

Freudian slip, Ronpaulgal? :P

03/16/12 10:48 pm

69% think self-murder is okay? I'm disgusted.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
03/16/12 7:49 pm

@verrrry bad badger- you are too smart. It sounds like you got it figured. It will become even clearer after the second shot... Just remember that while your mind thinks that there are two glasses, reality is slightly different.

03/16/12 7:41 pm

They will very likely do it without a doctor if they have no other choice. With a doctor it's less painful, cleaner, and less risk of doing something wrong and causing harm to you and others.

03/16/12 6:47 pm

I couldn't do it. That aside, it is a slippery slope. much rather have medical marijuana.