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lectrik Silly gas guzzling Prius
10/22/13 8:30 pm

only good Apple products. Apple keeps taking more and more control and it is pissing me off though. Blocking Java and making it hard to explore my files is bull shit.

mtbRIDER Gone riding...
10/22/13 6:25 pm

2 mac book pros and an iMac. Love them all!

kelsey498 Colorado
10/22/13 2:49 pm

Yes! I would never go back to a PC.

XercesBlue ...
10/22/13 11:44 am

I needed to buy a new computer for school and the thought of Windows 8 terrified me.. So.. I made the switch. I'm happy so far.. But I'm more into function than anything else.

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/22/13 11:09 am

Who is Apple News? Is this like a business use of SOH? If so ok, but it would be nice to know up front.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
10/22/13 11:17 am

2katz, Tony likes to use this for apple related stuff. Think he introduced it to discuss the 5s

susanr Colorado
10/22/13 11:19 am

It's SOH... you might detect a little Tonyhumor behind the comments. It was created just before the last (I think) Apple event so Apple fans could follow & talk about the events as they occur, without annoying all the non-Apple-fanboys&girls.

susanr Colorado
10/22/13 11:20 am

But I didn't mean a *business* function of SOH.

2katz I live in Nebraska
10/22/13 12:41 pm

Ok, I kinda remember that now. Cool.

WillametteKevin Mossopolis
10/22/13 10:57 am

There are 9 iDevices and 6 Windows devices in my house. I agree with ScottyDoesNo, Apple is good. I do not plan to purchase any more Windows machines and I believe a Mac will show up in a couple of months. Don't tell my wife.

TRJake Pendragon
10/22/13 10:40 am

I have used OS X, but the OS is way too limiting. If I wanted to use a UNIX based OS, I would opt for a Linux distribution because they are much more open than OS X

KudosToYou California
10/22/13 10:39 am

Yes, but it's out of service currently. It would just shut down randomly.

susanr Colorado
10/22/13 10:34 am

I've owned only Macs since 1990.

10/22/13 10:23 am

I love my Mac.

ScottyDoesNo Stand back and stand by
10/22/13 10:23 am

First one was in 1990 and never looked back.

zman117 Ohio
10/22/13 10:25 am

Once you go Mac you can't go back!

zman117 Ohio
10/22/13 10:19 am

What, do you think I want to have to deal with crashes? Of course I do!