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peppypenguin8 October 22nd, 2013 4:27pm

Is there a company that you love and support? If so what is it & why?

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LilL44 Stuck In Suburbia
10/22/13 1:50 pm

Toms, the product is awesome and they do a great thing by donating shoes too.

trepidhickory Ayy Lmao
10/22/13 10:45 am

Well you just made me change my answer

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/22/13 10:29 am

USAA. Best banking in the country (insurance too if you're eligible).

Ebola1 Florida
10/22/13 10:16 am

Apple, Walmart, Hooters, ...

Ebola1 Florida
10/22/13 10:17 am

I especially love owls!

Ebola1 Florida
10/22/13 10:33 am

Apple is innovative and produces a quality product.

trepidhickory Ayy Lmao
10/22/13 10:35 am

Apple has stolen every "innovative" idea they've ever had and passed it off as their own idea

but yes they do make products of good quality

trepidhickory Ayy Lmao
10/22/13 10:39 am

The only reason apple is around todsy is because of the worlds best legal and marketing departments

10/22/13 10:00 am

Cost co. It fairly treats there workers

trepidhickory Ayy Lmao
10/22/13 10:16 am

We don't have any cost cos here but its one of the few businesses I actually like

Goldiemol dry side of WA
10/22/13 2:20 pm

+1 for costco. We are there three times a week for milk...yes we drink 6 gallons of milk a week. it is the main place we shop for food, the first place we check for other items