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2katz I live in Nebraska
10/22/13 7:25 am

One under my head, plus 2 for side-sleeping support plus 2 cats, one for snuggling and one for foot warming.

10/22/13 7:11 am

Normally, one. I'm six months pregnant right now, so I use two. In another month, I may add a third pillow for back support. But my 3yo is a cuddler & sometimes hops in bed with me in the night. He doesn't like being pushed out by pillows, either.

10/22/13 7:12 am

My hubby isn't a cuddler at all, so he doesn't care if I build an entire wall with pillows if I feel like it. :)

peacefullife Land of Moss
10/22/13 3:11 am

3. I'd prefer more, but hubby gets mad when pillows push him out of bed.