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Show Of Hands October 21st, 2013 2:24pm

Would it bother you to learn that someone had died in your house prior to you moving in?

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MoonFireDancer New Jersey
10/23/13 7:00 pm

No, I would find a house like that immediately because I'm weird. I might sage the house right away but I'd live there happily.

apparition Tacoma
10/23/13 5:08 am

Not even a satanic cult murder suicide where the killer got away with a copy of the front door key would bother me.

beast81 Illinois
10/22/13 3:51 pm

If it was a recent murder, maybe. Aside from that, no.

10/22/13 1:08 pm

Two of the previous owners died in ours.

Chelschwaa Tacoma, WA
10/21/13 11:44 pm

not unless they were murdered or committed suicide.

kellyw The Mississippi Delta
10/21/13 10:14 pm

Several people have already died in the house we live in. I've never felt overly disturbed by it.

RazeSkynet Charlotte
10/21/13 9:08 pm

I believe in ghosts I don't know who ghosts actually are but I've seen them sometimes. And if you think about it they would be everywhere! I think this concerning how many people died in history of the planet. on the site of anyones house is the site where other people lived before.. now ghosts.

RazeSkynet Charlotte
10/21/13 9:10 pm

hope I got you in the mood ;)
Happy Halloween

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
10/21/13 9:05 pm

How about would it bother you that someone died in the hospital you go to for medical emergencies??

kaitlinsays Wisconsin
10/21/13 9:07 pm

well, no, I don't have to live there. haha I know people who are freaked out by hospitals, though.

kaitlinsays Wisconsin
10/21/13 8:49 pm

it really depends on how they died and what happened in the house. I answered yes mainly because it's possible that it would freak me out. I guess I'd rather live somewhere that didn't have a history involving someone's death.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
10/21/13 8:27 pm

I went with no, because that happened to us. We have also had one death in the house since we moved in.

rightway101 the thought provoker
10/21/13 8:22 pm

That would be totally awesome. I'd probably hold a seance or bless the house or something.

SomeDays Atlanta
10/21/13 7:09 pm

Having had this happen...not really. I found it a bit odd, considering that throughout her (the woman who died) life the basement acted as an oversized litter box for all the stray cats in town.

elianastar FreeSpeech
10/21/13 7:07 pm

My MIL died in bedroom across hall from me. Not a problem. Grandaughter moved into same room about a month later. No problem. Woman who owned house before died in our bedroom. No problem. Circle of life. No problem.

elianastar FreeSpeech
10/21/13 7:09 pm

Now. If a serial killer had murdered someone in that house, it would give me pause. But probably not cause me to not move in.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
10/21/13 7:06 pm

Depends on how. Natural causes, nope. Murder etc, ummmm yeah.

kjs Minnesota
10/21/13 6:37 pm

No, my mother-in-law passed away at our house. She had been very sick. We have built all the homes we have lived in, so unless an ax murderer was buried on the land, I am not too concerned.

10/21/13 6:06 pm

I would be SOL, because our house was built in 1880, 60 years before we had a mortuary in the area. I sleep in the parlor, where friends and neighbors would come to view the body of the deceased.

Itabliss Hello
10/21/13 5:25 pm

Eh, depends on the method of death. My great great grandmother died in the house I grew up in. However, she was an old woman who died because she was old. Now a violent murder would bother me.

10/21/13 4:56 pm

I live in one such house. Bought it cash outright. It was an old cat lady who owned it and the placed smelled horrid. I had to gut it floor to ceiling and remodel it but it was worth it. :)

SeattleTeen Seattle, WA
10/21/13 4:05 pm

Only if they died from something in the house that would pose a safety hazard, i.e. collapsed structure or toxic substances.

deathvalley Chicago native
10/21/13 4:00 pm

Yes. Creepy!
My best friends dad killed himself in the house and they will never sell it!
Small town, rumors, etc

10/21/13 3:27 pm

Yes, but a great deal depends on the circumstances. Natural causes probably no. Murder, etc not likely. Not informed, let the legal action begin.

babyboomer1 The flatulance express
10/21/13 3:18 pm

Depends on the circumstances.

muxpux S.W. Washington
10/21/13 3:00 pm

I dunno if it would stop me from moving in. If I knew what room and how I'd get heebies. I used to work on foreclosed houses and we used to tease coworkers about stories of how people died in the houses. Can be spooky being in an abandoned house

MogoshKatz Wisconsin
10/21/13 3:00 pm

When I was a sophomore in high school, we moved to a house where a man died a few months before we moved in. He happened to die in my bedroom too.

Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
10/21/13 2:57 pm

Depends. If it was a suicide or murder, yes. If it was natural causes, no.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
10/21/13 3:51 pm

What's the difference if you don't mind me asking?

DoctorWu at the great hill
10/21/13 2:51 pm

I live in a 180 year-old house in which the original couple died at home within 4 days of each other in 1895. I would bloody LOVE to see a ghost, but won't because there are no ghosts.

LilL44 Stuck In Suburbia
10/21/13 2:38 pm

I think someone did in my current house....

BlueSmokeRed North Carolina
10/21/13 2:25 pm

Depends how they died i don't to be finding body parts all over the place

Brandon1995 San Francisco
10/21/13 2:03 pm

I would't care. The problem is all the superstitious idiots when you eventually try to sell the house will care.

10/21/13 1:59 pm

Not at all. If it was a rich guy I would have séances so I could get savvy financial advice for free

rcgrant south carolina
10/21/13 1:30 pm

a preacher died in my home. and a kid was killed by a car in front of it.. this in a town of less than a 1000

kc17 Minnesota
10/21/13 1:27 pm

Died? No. Murdered? Yeah, probably.

centexken Republic of Texas
10/21/13 1:27 pm

Only if the body wasn't removed right away.

10/21/13 1:12 pm

Why would this bother me? God himself is watching over me, what can dead people do?

cyanospool The Deep North
10/21/13 1:04 pm

Not one bit. Fun fact: old Pagan belief is that a home is protected once the first head of the household has died in it. While I'm agnostic and don't believe in ghosts, I adhere to the traditions so that knowledge would have some sentimental comfort.

cyanospool The Deep North
10/21/13 1:05 pm

Unless of course I learned they died in a horrible way and suffered. Then I would feel bad, but it wouldn't make me uncomfortable to live in the same house.

presrvd Phoenix
10/21/13 12:49 pm

Totally depends. If I found out by uncovering the body in the drywall, it would be a little unsettling. How long ago would maybe play into that as well, not sure.

musicfreak Loving Life
10/21/13 12:23 pm

It depends.
If someone was murdered I would be a little bit freaked out.
If someone just died naturally that would be fine.

GotHeem Indiana
10/21/13 12:20 pm

I'd like to think not, but dark stormy nights would probably change my mind on the matter

jchristianreed South Carolina
10/21/13 12:06 pm

Depends. Were they killed by evil spirits? Or did they just die of old age.

Pastafarian Planet Earth
10/21/13 11:53 am

If they were giving me the tour and said," This is the rafter they hung them selfs on." That might make me feel weird.

fixitlater My Life
10/21/13 11:39 am

The house I grew up in really was haunted. I have a few stories.

10/21/13 11:38 am

It depends. Did I stumble across the body while cleaning the basement? Is there a satanic altar in my backyard?