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TierasPet October 21st, 2013 2:05pm

Inspired by Rons. Do you believe campaign reform laws are necessary to give any candidates who do not belong to one of the two big parties a fair chance at election?

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jvc1133 61535
10/21/13 9:51 am

We can't work with what we have, why confuse us

10/21/13 9:31 pm

If we can't work with what we have should we work to change it. And I agree with your comment.

fixitlater My Life
10/21/13 7:17 am

There should be a limit. Without it, the election is bought by the person who has the most money.

beanD California
10/21/13 7:20 am

Not necessarily. There's a Freakonomics episode on this, you should listen. They said the candidate with the most money wins bc he has the most people supporting him (and giving him money), not necessarily bc he "bought" the election.

beanD California
10/21/13 7:21 am

I am generally against election reform, but I just had a thought, what do you think: somehow, we make candidates have a maximum amount of money to START with, and then let it go from there without regulation?

fixitlater My Life
10/21/13 7:28 am

Better yet, give them equal time on the air and so many commercial spots but allow them to make as many live appearances as the would like. When the exhaust their air time they are limited only to actual debates.

10/21/13 7:53 am

I like these suggestions. I do believe elections are, in many cases bought. My concern is this creates a situation where votes are also bought which isn't good for the country. I also believe current laws support only a two party system.