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TierasPet October 21st, 2013 2:12am

Follow-up question. Do you think lobbyists have an unfair influence on congressional decisions?

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10/21/13 10:22 am

I agree but do you think the amount if influence they have us helpful and fair or hurtful to the majority while benefitting the few?

jvc1133 61535
10/21/13 11:28 am

Was that the question, if part of the few it's helpful

10/21/13 11:56 am

No, it wasn't part if the question. There were some bad typos in my response.

doctalk not all who wander r lost
10/20/13 7:28 pm

Lobbyists have financial power and proximity. Politics always yields to presence. We can send a letter, make a call or possibly a donation. Compare that to face to face meetings and the capacity to alter the outcome of an election.

Ebola1 Florida
10/20/13 10:48 pm

Definitely. Follow the money.