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TheMadScientist October 21st, 2013 12:49am

Have you ever hoped the person leaving your house would have car problems in your driveway so they would stay just a little longer? (Of course, easy car problems to fix in the morning. Nothing serious.)

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jvc1133 61535
10/21/13 8:21 am

That's even strange for you M S

CarrieMarie Mad Science Crew
10/20/13 7:07 pm

Aaawwww! But, no. Car problems suck, especially on a Sunday evening. ;)

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
10/20/13 7:08 pm

They do suck in the evening on Sunday. I remember that.

blitz6799 Chicagoland
10/20/13 6:23 pm

Literally a wish I had today.....

blitz6799 Chicagoland
10/21/13 4:31 pm

Yep, let's just say it involves a guy, a girl, and more physical distance between them than either wants there to be.

10/20/13 6:16 pm

No but there are plenty of times I wish someone would have stayed longer. Sorry about all the typos in that original response.

10/20/13 6:12 pm

By but there gave been many times I wish someone would have stated longer.

susanr Colorado
10/20/13 5:52 pm

I don't have a driveway, so no.

Anyway, people who have car problems as they're trying to leave somewhere (presumably to go home?) are usually pretty annoyed by the problem, & trying to figure out how to deal with it. Doesn't sound like fun to me.

susanr Colorado
10/20/13 5:53 pm

Easy to fix in the morning probably means easy to fix at night with a flashlight, too. At any rate, no, I wouldn't *wish* this on someone. I might just suggest they stay, thnough. Sounds like a better time, to me.

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
10/20/13 6:00 pm

Some things can only be fixed by a trip to a store that is closed ...?

susanr Colorado
10/20/13 6:02 pm

OK, that works.