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1txteacher Dickinson Gator Swamp
10/20/13 5:13 pm

They just said Peyton has best every team but the Colts...

whitepuppy Happy Birthday
10/20/13 12:12 pm

Ever since Peyton left they have gone downhill and the Broncos are stacked!

dale41 Grand Master of FIRSTS
10/20/13 9:57 am

It will hopefully be a great game. I am excited to watch this later tonight. I got to give it to the broncos though.

lmurder MDK
10/20/13 9:54 am

If Indy beats Denver I'll believe in their playoff chances. But Denver is in another league at the moment.

ThinkAboutIt Staten Island, NY
10/20/13 9:54 am

A Giants fan but Broncos and Texans are my AFC teams.

10/20/13 9:48 am

Colts I'm a raider fan

10/20/13 9:50 am

Psst...mattwall1...go Niners!

KudosToYou California
10/20/13 3:48 pm

49ers are awesome too; I wish they could have stayed in SF.