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Is "American Exceptionalism" a myth, or a reality?

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msa116 Pennsylvania
10/25/13 11:26 pm

It was real until we elected the apologist.

10/23/13 5:00 pm

if you said "myth" I'm guessing you never tried to take a shower in a local hotel anywhere else in the world. I mean except Canada or Australia. Maybe it's "people whose ancestors had enough sense to get out of Europe exceptionalism"

tgrinhi12 Baton Rouge, LA
10/22/13 4:28 am

Thank you, Obama and LIBS for knocking you own great country. Don't like it, go live some place else. You will change your mind.

10/23/13 4:42 pm

First of all, I'll state I said reality. But when a quarter of republicans say myth, you can't okay partisanship at that point. Although the idea if "you don't agree with me so leave" is wrong when anyone does it IMO.

bMyComrade Stumptown
10/21/13 11:02 pm

American "exceptionalism" developed around the same time as the myth of the "wild" west. It's as fake an idea as the west.

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
10/21/13 9:28 pm

I had to "Wikipedia" it because I'm addicted to it basically lol. And I saw "Newt Gingrich" and I just went Ohhhhhhhhhh shit...I KNEW that's what it was...I changed my answer <shudders>

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
10/21/13 9:31 pm

But ole Newt is a nutjob, and he doesn't represent everyone, and I saw his name and stopped reading. I just wanted to be sure I was right on what it was. Tea Partiers hold this, dear and true. Liberals, think it's a myth. Me? I just roll my eyes

evoecon nearest binary system
10/21/13 8:44 pm

It is Progressively becoming a myth.

eadg Dagobah
10/21/13 7:10 pm

Believing it's true makes it go away. Disbelieving American exceptionalism breeds it, but merely asserting exceptionalism solely by the nature of being American creates laziness and pacifism. Exceptional results require exceptional effort.

10/21/13 7:17 pm

Well said! Couldn't agree more.

jrrob CT
10/21/13 5:51 pm

Used to be reality, it's now a myth.

am1ndavis Illinois
10/21/13 4:47 pm

At one time we were and I still believe there are exceptional Americans still. As more countries get opportunities comparable to us. They produce exceptional people as well.

We need to stop dummy down our society and reward good behavior to stay ex.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
10/21/13 2:20 pm

A reality that is expiring. To say it is a myth, it never existed.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
10/21/13 2:21 pm

Expiring thanks to euro-progressive socialists like Soros/Obama/Hilary, creating generations of dependent zombies.

10/21/13 11:17 am

We statistically lag behind all countires in everything positive, commonly ranking among third world countries, we can be great and we have been a very great nation but i think the true unamerican ideal is to say we already are

10/21/13 11:54 am

Which specific statistics are you looking at? Because we are in no way near the third world countries ranking in positive things like income, GDP, and so much more.

10/22/13 8:45 am

Income disparity rivals some of latin america, thats the first one off the top pf my head

10/21/13 9:33 am

I hate auto spell correction... Traveled... Not talked

10/21/13 9:32 am

I have talked to most every part of this world...and it's true!

10/21/13 9:09 am

I'd like to think its reality, but we seem to be losing ground even on that theory.

shawnfls spokane wa usa
10/21/13 3:33 am

the only non rhetoric based argument for American exceptionalism is the power to harness diversity. somthing the bigots who coined the phrase would never embrace or understand.

Captainbstring Biden is a Clown
10/21/13 6:01 am

The power to harness diversity?!? Explain.... To what end? And to what benefit? Diversity for diversity's sake IS bigotry.

shawnfls spokane wa usa
10/24/13 4:09 am

in the sense that we are a nation created upon diversity that calls out (or used too) to the best and brightest of every field. The diversity in our political structure (again fading) being not pure capitalism or pure socialism but both at the same time. the lack of extreism opened many doors

Ernest Make it so
10/21/13 3:09 am

It is not a myth, however as the federal government continues to sap every good part of our freedoms, exceptionalism will continue to slip and shrink into nothingness.

10/20/13 9:33 pm

That the majority of democrats say myth Disgusts me...

Spiritof76 USA 1776
10/20/13 7:56 pm

Our Constitution with its protections FROM government, our lack of royalty, and our unique form of checks and balances makes us exceptional.

Macmurphy35 Alabama
10/20/13 7:28 pm

It's a childish concept. There are great people all around the world. However, I do def favor progressive, socially liberal nations like ourselves and others in Europe far more than socially conservative, religious nations like in the middle east.

kairu Trust no one...simple
10/20/13 7:32 pm

Conservative nations in the Mid East? Please give me your definition of conservative?

Macmurphy35 Alabama
10/20/13 7:35 pm

"socially conservative" ... many middle-eastern nations are very socially conservative

Brandon1995 San Francisco
10/20/13 10:25 pm

America is half conservative and the majority of the country is religious. You live in Alabama so you should know.

Macmurphy35 Alabama
10/21/13 6:36 am

I'd argue that the most socially conservative American is still 100x more liberal than the most socially conservative middle-easterner (varies by exact country of course).

metropolitan Georgia
10/22/13 2:34 pm

That claim isn't even almost true. There are social conservatives here that rival those in the Middle East. Perhaps we don't have as many fundamentalists that adhere to one set of rules but on the sliding scale of conservatism, Americans don't stop 100 degrees before the Middle East starts.

MaxDollaroff cynic turned skeptic
10/20/13 6:51 pm

Let me ask those of you who voted Yes, would you tell the audience why?

MaxDollaroff cynic turned skeptic
10/20/13 7:11 pm

Thanks for the correction. For those of you who would like to fill me in coz I'm seeking to understand your reasonings, why did you vote Myth?

jakejanse Texas
10/20/13 6:02 pm

It can be, if only we apply ourselves.

shredguy Michigan
10/20/13 5:23 pm

I'd say American Excepionalism is a thing of the past. We can't even balance our country's collective checkbook.

tidford My little piece of heaven
10/20/13 4:11 pm

What country has ever been so free?
What country has ever produced so many new medicines and scientific advances?
What nation has ever had such overwhelming military might and NOT attempted to conquer all?
What country has been so exceptional?

TheBlackMuslim New York City
10/20/13 4:31 pm

You think America hasn't tried to conquer? What rock have you been living under? A hundred overthrown sovereign and/or democratically elected governments from the pacific islands to South America to the Middle East might beg to differ.

10/20/13 5:41 pm

The black Muslim is an idiot!

10/21/13 3:44 pm

What country incarcerates more members of its population?

10/20/13 3:58 pm

It happens when you work hard, have passion, and make mature and rational choices - shazam

getupbaby South City
10/20/13 3:05 pm

At competitive eating, yes.

10/20/13 3:59 pm

Hilarious - and sad but true!!!

10/20/13 3:02 pm

It's clear the vast majority of people here have no clue what American Exceptionalism means. It's a socio-political theory not some statement about how good the nation or people are or some claim to superiority. The ignorance on here is astounding.

getupbaby South City
10/20/13 3:12 pm

I read up on the wikis and, yeah, it has little to do with anything anyone on here is talking about. I did find that the two groups that refer to it the most are neocons and (in the 1930s) the American Communist party. Interesting.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/20/13 4:27 pm

I looked it up and changed my vote. Thanks!

bringstheeagle Colorado
10/20/13 2:57 pm

Was the bedrock of American democracy, patriotism, and self-image until Obama mentioned it. Now everybody's like - is that really true?

Contrast that with whether it was said by saint Ron Reagan or even George W. - now we're not quite sure. Lol.

AUtiger2013 GOP, Turn California Red
10/20/13 1:04 pm

We have become exceptionally dependent on the government for hand outs. Americans & huge numbers of illegal are making this country so unexceptional if we don't do something soon we might not be able to recover.

10/20/13 12:02 pm

It's sadly becoming a legend

Zoopz South Carolina
10/20/13 9:21 pm

I would say that it already has.

DirCat Tuscaloosa, Alabama
10/20/13 11:44 am

Depends on what the question means. If it means that the average American feels like this is the best country in the world, then reality. If it is asking if we are the best country in the world, then myth. We might've been. We're not now.

whguy6 Connecticut
10/20/13 1:08 pm

Yes we are. Where would you rather live, given the chance?

DirCat Tuscaloosa, Alabama
10/20/13 1:12 pm

Canada. While it isn't as high on the Freedom Index as New Zealand (#1, IIRC), it is higher than the US.

duey in a fools paradise
10/20/13 11:38 am

America was exceptional until the Baby Boomers took over and decided they wanted to spend us into hell and design this ridicules PC world we are stuck in now. They take us into wars with no exit strategy and want to rebuild countries that love living

duey in a fools paradise
10/20/13 11:41 am

in squaller. Keep our best assets, our soldiers in danger's way. For what? To bring them home to a crap economy that offers very little opportunity. illegals cross the border and disrespect our laws only to see them protest when they don't succeed.

mac007 Mars
10/20/13 12:37 pm

Being a baby boomer myself I would add not all baby boomers are to blame. ;-)

10/20/13 1:59 pm

Exactly. Not all boomers are to blame. In fact their children are alive and well and loving trying to force everyone into being a clone of each other and living off the nanny state they prefer.

10/20/13 11:36 am

I wonder how many responders actually know what it means and how many made an assumption about it's meaning. I looked it up because I wasn't sure but it is a fairly specific theory (Exceptionalism, not exceptionalism). So I voted 'reality.'

8ESBABY Houston
10/20/13 11:56 am

I looked it up too and also voted "reality."

opie99 left coast best coast
10/20/13 12:47 pm

I looked it up too! Thank you google.

GrandmaALiCE Rocky Mtns aerial view
10/20/13 4:27 pm

I looked it up and changed my vote. Thanks!

Zoopz South Carolina
10/20/13 9:25 pm

I looked it up and still kept my vote as myth...

JHawk3205 MD
10/20/13 11:29 am

Except in the case of greed

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10/20/13 11:28 am

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roundsquare round square
10/20/13 11:24 am

If you live in the land of make believe, you will believe American exceptionalism, Santa and the tooth fairy are real.

10/20/13 11:22 am

Exceptionally unexceptional

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 11:17 am

Lol. America has accomplished so much and has been the dominant power for a long time. It's impossible to deny we are exceptional. But so is Russia and China and a few other nations. People, exceptional doesn't mean "better than everyone else".

10/20/13 11:38 am

Behind..., go do 5 minutes worth of very basic research on the term "American Exceptionalism". It's a specific phrase with a particular meaning. It's not just Tony asking if America is good.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 3:49 pm

Haplo, do 30 seconds of reading and realize I know this. Still doesn't change anything I said. America is undeniably exceptional by every definition of the word. We aren't the only ones. But we definitely are exceptional.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
10/20/13 9:22 pm

That sounds incredibly ignorant...

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 9:48 pm

Way to defend your point of view there. How can you possibly deny that America is exceptional? We are a world power. That in of itself is exceptional as the vast majority of counties aren't. It's not arrogance and again we aren't the only one.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
10/20/13 9:49 pm

People are not exceptional by region. That concept is ridiculous.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 9:56 pm

Either you dont know the definition of the word exceptional or youre incredibly ignorant yourself. America is exceptional So is Russia So is China They all stand head and shoulders above other nations in many categories. Outstanding,unusually good...

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 10:02 pm

The fact that I am american doesn't make me better than anyone else. This is not a ego thing. America is undeniably an exceptional place to live. Americans are responsible for many exceptional things that have benefitted the whole world.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 10:07 pm

Therefore America is an exceptional country. Again, it is not taking anything away from anyone else. It doesn't make anyone better. It is an objective truth. People are people but region determines opportunity and has a lot to do with outcome.

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
10/20/13 10:44 am

No nation in history has done more for more people, or so selflessly given of themselves than the United States. Perfect spotless history? Of course not. But exceptional? Absolutely.

10/20/13 10:32 am

A shitload of illegal aliens seem to think we are exceptional.

notalib Trump Supporter
10/20/13 10:28 am

Myth under Obama, a reality all other times.

10/20/13 10:27 am

We act like we are the first powerful country. There were a lot of them before us.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 11:20 am

You act like exceptional means "first" or "only". It doesn't. We are exceptional. No way to argue otherwise. But so are Russia and China and a few others. Look up the definition of the word. America is definitely unusual and outstanding.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 3:51 pm

How so? Reread your comment. We are not the first or the only exceptional nation. But we are still exceptional none the less.

10/20/13 11:03 pm

Saying we are exceptional and that it can't be argued, does not make it so.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 11:16 pm

No but the facts do. America is an exceptional place to live. We enjoy many many outstanding luxuries and options. Americans are responsible for many exceptional things that help the world over. Therefore America is exceptional.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 11:19 pm

The only way to argue that America is not exceptional is if you're ignorant of the definition of the word and/or of history. Unusual; not typical.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/20/13 11:21 pm

I'll help you out since you're apparently ignorant to the definition of exceptional. Unusual; not typical. Unusually good; outstanding.

Yep, I'm going to go ahead and say there's no arguing the US is/has been those things for a long time.

10/21/13 9:35 am

Well, you seem to be exceptionally rude. You still haven't made a point. You also don't understand context.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/21/13 9:52 am

"You still haven't made a point" says the person who's literally said nothing to back up their ignorant opinion or take anything away from my point. Thanks for playing. Next time try a little harder.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/21/13 10:11 am

At least you can accept defeat with grace champ.

10/21/13 11:22 am

Nice, I see what you did there. Gotta keep my eye on you.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/21/13 11:33 am

You see what I did there? Good. I'm glad you realize by making absolutely no counter points or anything resembling an argument means you lose a debate. Hope you'll pass that fact on to Spidey. Glad I could help out.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/21/13 11:44 am

Spider-man. Spider-man. Does whatever a spider can. Looks like you missed that one huh? 1/2 on "seeing what I did there". Keep thinking. It'll come to you.

10/21/13 11:57 am

Did you like the recent reboot? I thought it was too soon, but still pretty good.

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/21/13 12:45 pm

I thought exactly the same thing. I really liked the Toby McGuire films and didn't think they needed a reboot so soon but they pulled it off very well.

kjs Minnesota
10/20/13 10:14 am

We are exceptional, but not in the way you mean.

Congressman Louisiana
10/20/13 10:08 am

HAHAHA, no we're far below the bar for exceptionalism.

10/20/13 9:24 am

Ether way, can we at least not have a yes no debate or a you're in american if this debate or if you dont like what I feel we should be then leave you____. Yes you have the right to say it. But America was never meant to be a place where if you had

10/20/13 9:25 am

A differing opinion from someone else you were told you weren't American, or told to leave. A yes no debate is basically pointless. All you're doing is saying I feel this, but neither side is portraying any evidence.