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dralgo October 20th, 2013 12:02pm

For skilled worker immigration, US should make it easier for international students to stay and find a job in US after they graduate from a US university vs. bringing workers educated & trained else where.

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cbbfle Nashville, TN
10/20/13 8:17 pm

Let more people in legally.

tcadez Minnesnowta
10/20/13 6:28 pm

I read an article about this idea and they used the term "brain drain" to describe the process of bringing the best and the brightest to the U.S. and then having them stay here causes a lack of well educated people in their home countries.

doctalk not all who wander r lost
10/20/13 3:58 pm

Are we stupid? We Let in and give rights to the largely uneducated illegals while sending away the graduates. Duh!

Vincere Seattle
10/20/13 2:21 pm

Skilled immigrants are a big boost to our economy, they should certainly be encouraged to stay after graduation.

Also, public schools here should stress STEM fields more, so fewer students will go on to major in humanities fields.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
10/20/13 12:23 pm

The us should be helping more US people get jobs. International students are fine but they're coming here to get an education on their dime to go home and make a difference in their country.

PartyJustin R.O.C.K. in the R.O.C.
10/20/13 1:28 pm

Unfortunately for certain fields there's a shortage of qualified US candidates. We're not graduating nearly as many American STEM students as a lot of other countries, and as such there's a shortage of engineers here.

susanr Colorado
10/20/13 11:50 am

That's fine, when people want to immigrate, but I think it's also good policy to help train people here and then let them go back to their home country & help improve things there. It would be more costly for the US in the short run, but

susanr Colorado
10/20/13 11:50 am

better for the world, including the US, in the long run.

10/20/13 9:59 am

Maybe a combination of the two would be better

dralgo Ann Arbor, Michigan
10/20/13 11:33 am

I agree. 70% to Option 1 and 30% to Option 2

PartyJustin R.O.C.K. in the R.O.C.
10/20/13 9:45 am

I work with a lot of foreign born engineers who have to jump through so many crazy hoops to stay here after their student visa runs out, it's crazy. I can't comprehend why it's so hard for us to do right by these folks.

10/20/13 6:22 am

I cannot agree. I was one of those trained elsewhere who came to the US with experience. It's a great deal for the US, no cost to educate me, I work hard, pay a lot of taxes and cost society almost nothing.