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TheMrs09 October 20th, 2013 2:11am

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? (Besides ears)

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restinghour Pennsylvania
10/20/13 3:12 pm

I have 7 tattoos.
My only piercings are my ear lobes three times and left cartilage.

LilL44 Stuck In Suburbia
10/20/13 8:26 am

I wish, only 3 in my ears :(
Wish I had a few tats, belly piercing and 1 more piercing in each ear (cartilage on left and tragus on right).
2.5 more years!

10/20/13 6:27 am

Just ears. I think my dad would disown me if I got anything else. That's what you get being born into a pastor's family.

glashberg Wave when you flyover
10/20/13 5:49 am

I have 3/4 gauges in my ears, and three tattoos. I am relatively infamous for one of them.

10/20/13 4:19 am

I had a piercing phase around 13. Total 8. Only have 4 now (lobs, tragus, rook) that I wear clear retainers in. 5 tattoos. Only regret 1, the largest one (a side piece) that looks ridiculous now that I'm pregnant.

ebailey1218 Over The Rainbow
10/20/13 3:43 am

One tattoo on ankle getting another one in December

jmz1202 Sacramento
10/19/13 10:04 pm

I have a small ankle tattoo. My best friend and I got tattoos for her 40th birthday.

LeDerpityDerp We are not our failures
10/19/13 8:51 pm

No but I want some.
If I was skinnier I'd have a belly button ring.

kelsey498 Colorado
10/19/13 8:30 pm

I want my nose pierced and a small tattoo. I do have 6 ear piercings though so I guess that goes above and beyond the standard.

10/19/13 7:51 pm

Tattoo on my left shoulder.

TheMrs09 Texas
10/19/13 7:23 pm

I use to have my belly button pierced, but I had to take it out.

MJSeals J.D.
10/19/13 7:21 pm

NO NEEDLES! Besides idk which ear is the gay one and which one is the straight one

TheMrs09 Texas
10/19/13 7:23 pm

I know dear and it love it :-)

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
10/19/13 7:14 pm

I do not have any of either, currently.