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11/06/11 7:23 pm

Ummmmmmm, what the heck is this question asking?

11/02/11 8:12 pm

treat!! I went trick or treating and some old lady opened the door and looked at me and my friends. "you're to old to be trick or treating!" were her only words and she shut the door on us.

11/02/11 5:51 pm

I love Halloween!!! I chose trick as in frightening people not razor blades in apples that's stupid. I love dressing up and seeing others in costume it's so awesome !

11/01/11 12:00 pm


You do realize Michigan is in the United States, right?

11/01/11 9:59 am

U.S is full of obeze tards

11/01/11 8:49 am

Love Halloween. Love the Fall. In CA we get those awesome Santa Ana winds. Love putting razor blades in apples and giving out full size candy bars.

musicnerd RHIT
10/31/11 7:14 pm

Treat- but only if the person has a decent costume on- no teenagers wearing a mask get candy from me

flip Michigan
10/31/11 6:32 pm

trick- i wish people would stop pounding on my door.

10/31/11 6:24 pm

Zack100 - buddy, my argument would be this: if you think a question is stupid, don't vote on it!

Nerdz Texas
10/31/11 4:26 pm

I also prefer the treat cause it tastes better

10/31/11 4:12 pm

Trick: razor blades in candied apples

10/31/11 3:30 pm

I love scaring people bit I like candy way better

10/31/11 12:42 pm

Full size chocolate candy bars from me. I love Halloween - helps that it's my birthday.

cabooseftw Illinois
10/31/11 11:45 am

@Lu Tang

You called? Sorry I'm late.

10/31/11 9:52 am

Karma's a bitch for all you tricksters out there

Zack100 Tatooine
10/30/11 10:29 pm

This is a good question to call stupid!!!!! I don't think anyone can find a good argument against me on that statement!

10/30/11 7:09 pm

I'm glad so many people liked broccoli in the other poll, because that is what I'm giving out on Halloween.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
10/30/11 5:13 pm

I hate Halloween. All those spoiled kids grubbing free candy and most of them don't even say "thank you." Bah humbug......whoops wrong holiday.....

10/30/11 9:37 am

I'm going as a homicidal maniac - they look just like everybody else

HiMyNameIs Massachusetts
10/30/11 1:11 am

Tricks are fun... but free candy? Thats much better

10/30/11 12:49 am

Treats are too mainstream. I prefer tricks.

zoisite In the Sailor Moon world
10/29/11 10:38 pm

Trick....cause I'm going to be Snape from Harry Potter for Halloween and tricks are more fun!

jamesmay Tampa
10/29/11 10:30 pm

What is this "snow" you speak of?

wktortoise US Coast Guard Academy
10/29/11 10:12 pm

The weather likes tricks because it made me lose power with ALL THIS SNOW!!

10/29/11 9:11 pm

Used to play tricks but I like sweet treats better now! 

10/29/11 9:08 pm

@jessie74, I thought that was a nifty trick and an amusing treat ;-)

10/29/11 9:08 pm

see? this gets to the core of the problem with you DNCers.

10/29/11 9:04 pm

I much prefer giving and receiving treats!

10/29/11 8:43 pm

Omg! Lu Tang! What is wrong with u?!?! The question was posed to me, an adult, by another adult!!

10/29/11 8:27 pm

A nice prank is a lot more satisfying than munching down some teeth rotter. But candy is delicious nonetheless...

Wes28 CBus
10/29/11 6:58 pm

Want a treat? Search "Spendin' Big Paper" on YouTube and click the first thing that comes up. It's a GREAT song!

10/29/11 6:52 pm

Log cabin. You find something sexual about little kids coming to your door dressed in costume and asking for candy??? You sick fuck. Somebody call Chris Hansen.

Come here, Log Cabin. Have a seat....

10/29/11 6:34 pm

Snickers, Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats. It's the one time of year I allow myself to have candy in the house. :)

eradicator JC
10/29/11 5:38 pm

It is a far far better thing to prank someone good than to receive bite-sized candy bars.

10/29/11 5:32 pm

This "first" crap is getting ridiculous. To hell with all you firsties! Jessie is actually beginning to make me ignorant, yet somewhat amusing. Finally, this question came across oddly sexual...I went with treat anyway. ;-)

10/29/11 5:14 pm

Treat! Don't want my kids scarred for life... Do that enough without any help from scary neighbors!!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/29/11 4:22 pm

We don't need candy. So we have spider rings or pencils. We don't have good lighting on out street and have few children. We used to have scads of candy left.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/29/11 3:43 pm

Prank 'em! Well, that was my answer, but lets not get dumb with pranks…


jamesmay Tampa
10/29/11 2:50 pm

Replace the foam I the fire extinguisher with gasoline, lite a fire then sit back and watch the fun!!!

10/29/11 2:49 pm

This truly is the greatest holiday. Creative costumes, candy, and giving neighbors. Last year I was in new Orleans for Halloween and had the time of my life.

10/29/11 2:47 pm

NOTHING is better than candy.

10/29/11 2:15 pm

Hmm... Theres something wrong with these results. I mean, who doesn't want a treat?

HolyBabble Mississippi
10/29/11 2:14 pm

Friends don't let friends get tricked into voting Republican.

Treat yourself to a brighter future, vote Democrat.

10/29/11 1:20 pm

I wouldn't even know what Halloween would be without treats, including car-mul lol.